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Looking to buy a used Maserati car ? Well, look no more…

Visit our inventory and Take a look at what drives Maserati, Passion or Speed?

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Maserati car

You might have seen Dominos and Pizza Hut twitter feud. It’s witty and interesting. Same is the case with Maserati and Ferrari, the two most famous sports car brands in the world. Both might be produced under the same name Fiat but their historic rivalry never ceases to astonish us. Defined as an “absolute opposite of ordinary”, Maserati is a possession every car lover would love to acquire. Rival for Ferrari, not only on the track but also in the car market, this brand is a popular choice in the International market, including the market of cars in India.

Line-up of pre-owned Maserati cars

There is a brand named Maserati that produce and performs psychedelic tracks but whenever the name Maserati is heard, the first impression is only of the iconic luxury car brand. A centennial brand, Maserati not only makes the best cars in the world but also employs the best drivers to drive them.

The car is not only popular amongst the elite class but the common people too. For instance, a Maserati was exclusively made for Shah of Persia. Therefore, a hefty price on a car by this brand shouldn’t be something unexpected. Gulping down the fact that not everyone can buy a new Maserati isn’t easy but we can provide you with an amazing solution. Instead of paying a large amount of money for a new one, you can always go for a used Maserati. And for that, Big Boy Toyz’s showroom in Delhi NCR must be paid a quick visit. Here we make sure that you can get the same luxurious experience in a pre-owned Maserati car that you would get in a new one.

Though each and every model brought out by Maserati is a masterpiece, some are better than the others and Big Boy Toyz makes sure to provide you with the maximum options:

  • GranTurismo

    - A two-door, four-seat coupe, GranTurismo was first unveiled at 2007 Geneva Motor Show and shares the platform of the Maserati Quattroporte V. A grand tourer, GranTurismo has a standard 4.2L engine with ZF six-speed automatic transmission.
  • GranCabrio

    - A four seater convertible, GranCabrio is both dynamic and stylish. The car offer features like driving side buttons, with steering-wheel buttons for the key multimedia commands. GranCabrio has a 90 degree V8 engine that can generate 450HP of power and the torque of 510Nm.
  • Quattroporte

    - The word Quattroporte literally means “four doors”. A full-size luxury saloon, Quattroporte has a stretched bonnet leading back from the traditional Maserati oval radiator grille, a tribute to GranTurismo and other models. The car has a 3-litre Twin Turbo V6 engine that generates power of 330HP, giving it an aggressive temperament.
  • Ghibli

    - Named after a wind, Ghibli was first unveiled in prototype form at the 1966 Turin Motor Show. A Grand Tourer, Ghibli is available as both 2-door coupe and 2-door spyder. It has a 3L Twin Turbo V6 engine that can generate 330hp of power. Also, Ghibli comes with the sports button, the torque of 500Nm available at engine alleviates from 1,750-4,500rpm.

Drive home your own second hand Maserati

The tagline of Maserati defines the brand really well: Excellence through passion. The part of Taylor Swift’s famous song “Red” from her most successful album Red where she compared the passion for her love with the speed of Maserati, tells us the extent to which this car is popular.

This popular car is also highly expensive but as mentioned earlier, you can make it your own by buying a second hand Maserati. If the term ‘second hand’ gives you hiccups, we have the medicine.

The most trusted name when it comes to pre-owned luxury cars, Big Boy Toyz makes sure that all the used cars put on sale undergo a strict process of checking and are well certified and verified. Only after they are approved by the experts, the cars are are sent to the Delhi and Gurgaon showroom for sale. Also, keeping their customers’ budget in mind, cars are offered at best prices.

What more can one asks for? Visit the showroom in Delhi NCR and buy your own second hand Maserati car today!

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