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  1. Sedan

Sedan Stands for

Alexandra Paul once stated, "The Cars we drive say a great deal regarding us". We are often awed by the vehicles of the rich and the famous. World Leaders make their presence felt through their words as well as through the vehicle they are being driven in and since over a decade now luxurious sedans have been the trend setters.

Seen as a mark of regality, Sedan becomes a clear choice for those individuals who seek elegance and style in all their looks. Comfortable and elite, premium classy Sedans are the best on-street vehicles one can pick.

Pre-Owned Luxury Sedan, a Smart Choice!

A car by definition is a vehicle with two full rows of seats and four entryways. In contrast to a SUV,the Sedan is a lower seater car. It keeps you grounded, truly! Comfortable to get in and out, the Sedan being lower to the ground gives better gas mileage than other bigger vehicles. An on-street vehicle,the Sedan when contrasted with any SUV is surely more responsive on the roads . This makes the Sedan an easy choice for car lovers , particularly in the business scenario of growing economies like India.

Being the most well known style for a car, you won't need to look hard to find the sort of car that suits your requirements. Though there is no deficiency of Sedans in the market, getting one isn't as simple as it appears. It is the most sought after car and its sustained demand can make buying it, be heavy on your pocket.

In case you don't want to spend a large sum on a new extravagant brand, you can think about purchasing a pre-owned luxury Sedan. At Big Boy Toyz we can help you in buying one. A key player in the market of used luxury cars, Big Boy Toyz offers a variety of cars and that too, to suit your pocket and style. Alongside we ensure that the used luxury cars you purchase from us, are certified and verified from us.

Since ages the Sedan has been high on the style quotient but the standard measure for all of them have been their comfort. Let us further give you reasons why you should to go for a Sedan:

Spacious: The comfortable and spacious accommodation of a Sedan can provide the ease of travel for your large family.

Variety: There are various kinds of Sedans available to suit the clients' needs, so you won't find it hard to look for your ideal car. Big Boy Toyz offers used exotic sedans from all the notable grand brands at a one stop shop. The popular cars such as the Audi A8 L, BMW 640d GranCoupe, Mercedes-Benz CLS 350, Jaguar XF, Rolls Royce Ghost and a lot more are on display at our showroom to satisfy your desire.

Better Fuel Efficiency: On long trips, the travellers and the more adventurous look out for better fuel efficiency as a hallmark in the cars before buying. For those who love to go on long excursions, Sedan’s better fuel efficiency will spur you to discover the traveller in you.

Safe & Secure: Cars are prevalently known as family vehicles. Thus, it becomes fundamental for creators of cars to incorporate safety features while improving the driving experience. Each Sedan is fitted with the fundamental security features such as the airbags, child safety gadgets and safety windows.

Same Comfort, Same Experience in a second hand exotic Sedan

Ask Sedan fans and they'll disclose that these cars look far superior to the SUVs. Several experienced owners claim that the Sedan performs much better and sustains better on the streets of cities like Delhi than any other car. But, since not every person can manage the cost of a new Sedan,buying a pre used luxury Sedan is an easy alternative as a buying option.

Follow your heart! Big Boy Toyz ensures the experience of a new car even when you buy a pre owned luxury car from us. The term 'Second Hand' may blur your opinion, but rest assured, we guarantee that each vehicle put up in our showroom undergoes an exacting procedure of checking and testing.

Simply visit our showroom and go home with a pre owned luxury car.

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