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  1. The BBT Advantage

11 Reasons Why BBT?

  • Zero Tolerance

    We believe in transparent and fair dealings,no refurbished cars.

  • Fixed price

    Our complete stock is listed online as we don't believe in inflating the prices to waste your time.

  • Non Accidental

    We don't buy car's with any accidental record not even a body part been changed as per service history.

  • RTO Physical

    We do a complete check of owner and vehicle history with no litigation case on it.

  • NCR Check

    Every car goes through a National Crime Record check at the time of procurement to eliminate any possibility of purchasing a car with an NCR case

  • 151 check points

    Car comes with 360° inspection report with comfort and ease in driving pleasure.

  • Buy Back Agreement

    Assured buy back policy - drive any car from BBT for a year with 25% depreciation with kms limitation on it and 75% will be refunded back to your account.

  • Client's

    We never disclose our customer details with any third-party as we respect your privacy.

  • Hassle free buying

    We have 24*7 active boardline with constant update of our stock over social media and have a dedicated website to book your dream car online with secured banking options available Pan India.

  • Limited period engine&
    transmission warranty

    All cars that we sell comes with a backed up six months warranty on engine and transmission from BBT.

  • Service & Insurance
    History Check

    cars comes with complete previous service history checked with authorised dealership and we also check that the previous insurance policy doens't comes with any kind of accidental claims on it.

Welcome to the Big Boy Toyz exclusive buying experience. A place where owing exotic cars is a passion. To facilitate this experience we have put in place the 151 Quality Checkpoints.

The 151 Quality Checkpoint is a comprehensive checklist that has been created to ensure that each and and every car that leaves the BBT hangar goes through a stringent pre procurement checklist. Only once this procedure is completed, the cars receive their "BBT Certified Pre-Owned Cars" certification, and are ready to hit the road!

Vehicle History

  1. Vehicle service History
    • Service Recalls (OASIS) performed
    • Scheduled Maintenance Performed
  2. Vehicle History Report
    • VIN inspection (Chassis Number)
    • Vehicle Emissions Sticker
    • Vehicle MIleage
    • Integrity

Road Test

  1. Engine starts
  2. Idle Quality
  3. Engine Accelerates and Cruises Properly
  4. Engine Noise Cold/Hot & High /Low Speeds)
  5. Auto/Manual Transmission/ Transaxle Noise Operation- Cold and Hot Shift Quality
  6. Auto/Manual Transmission/Transaxle Noise Normal- Cold and Hot
  7. Shift Interlock Operates Properly
  8. Drive Axle/Transfer Case Operation Noise
  9. Clutch Operates Properly
  10. Remote Start System Operation
  11. Steering Response, Centering and Free Play
  12. Body and Suspension Squeaks and Rattles
  13. Struts/Shocks Operate Properly
  14. Brakes/ ABS Operate Properly
  15. Cruise Control
  16. Gauges Operate Properly
  17. Driver Select/ Memory Profile Systems
  18. Wind Noise
  19. Traction Control
  20. Defrost
  21. Ease of Turning

Underhood Maintenance

— Fluids

  1. Engine Oil/Filter Change and Chassis Lube
  2. Coolant
  3. Brake Fluid
  4. Automatic Transaxle/Transmission Fluid
  5. Transfer Case Fluid
  6. Drive Axle Fluid
  7. Power Steering Fluid
  8. Transmission Hydraulic Clutch Fluid
  9. Washer Fluid
  10. Air Conditioning System Charge

— Engine

  1. Fluid Leaks
  2. Hoses Lines and Fittings
  3. Belts
  4. Wiring
  5. Oil in Air Cleaner Housing
  6. Water, Sludge or Engine Coolant in Oil
  7. Oil Pressure
  8. Relative Cylinder Compression Test/Power Balance Reading(check if necessary)
  9. Timing Belt
  10. Engine Mounts
  11. Inspect Turbocharger Air cooler

— Cooling System

  1. Radiator
  2. Pressure-Test Radiator Cap and Radiator
  3. Cooling Fans, Clutches and Motor
  4. Water Pump
  5. Coolant Recovery Tank
  6. Cabin Air Filter

— Fuel System

  1. Fuel Pump Noise Normal
  2. Fuel Pump Pressure
  3. Fuel Filter
  4. Engine Air Filter

— Electric AI System

  1. Starter Operation
  2. Ignition System
  3. Battery
  4. Alternator Output
  5. Diesel Glow Plug System

Vehicle Exterior

— Body Panels and Bumpers

  1. No Evidence of Flood Fire, Major or Hail Damage
  2. Body Panel Inspection
  3. Bumper/Fascia Inspection

— Doors, Hood, Decklid, Tailgate

  1. Doors, Hood, Decklid/Tailgate and roof Inspection
  2. Doors, Hood, Decklid/ Tailgate alignment
  3. Automatic/ Manual Release Mechanisms, Hinges, Prop Rod/Gas struts Operate Properly
  4. Power Liftgate, Power Sliding Door Operation

— Grille, Trim and Roof Rack

  1. Grille, Trim and Roof Rack Inspection
  2. Deployable Running Boards

— Glass and Outside Mirrors

  1. Windshield, side and Rear-Window Glass Inspection
  2. Deployable Running Boards
  3. Wiper Blade Replacement
  4. Outside Mirror Inspection

— Exterior Lights

  1. Front- End Exterior Lights
  2. Back-End Exterior Lights
  3. Side Exterior Lights
  4. Hazard Lights
  5. Auto on/off Lights
  6. Trailer Lamp Connector Operation

Vehicle Interior

— Airbag and Safety Belts

  1. Airbags
  2. Safety Belts

— Audio and Alarm Systems

  1. Radio, Cassette, CD and Speakers
  2. Antenna
  3. Alarm/ Theft- Deterrent System
  4. Navigation System
  5. Heat/Vent/Ac/Defog/Defrost
  6. Air Conditioning System
  7. Heating System
  8. Defog/Defrost

— Exterior Lights

  1. Clocks
  2. Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
  3. Steering Column Lock
  4. Steering Wheel COntrols
  5. Horn
  6. Warning Chimes
  7. Instrument Panel and Warning Lights
  8. Wipers
  9. Washers
  10. Interior Courtesy, Dome and Map Lights
  11. Manual Outside Rearview Mirrors, Power Outside Rearview Mirrors and Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors
  12. Rear View Camera
  13. Sync System
  14. Active Park Assist
  15. Rear Entertainment System
  16. Power Outlets and Lighter
  17. Ashtrays
  18. Glove Box and Center Armrest/Console
  19. Sun Visors, Vanity Mirror and Light
  20. Adjustable Pedals(if required)

— Carpets, Seats, Sunroof/ Convertible Windows, Door Locks, Luggage

  1. Carpet
  2. Door Trim and Door Panels
  3. Headliners
  4. Seat Upholstery
  5. Seat and Head Restraint Adjustment
  6. Folding Seats
  7. Sunroof/ Moonroof
  8. Convertible Top
  9. Door Handles and Release Mechanisms
  10. Remote Entry System and Push Button Start System
  11. Door Locks
  12. Child Safety Locks
  13. Window Controls
  14. Remote Decklid and Fuel Filler Door Release
  15. Carpet, Trim and Cargo Net
  16. Luggage, Compartment/ Cargo Area Light
  17. Vehicle Jack and Tool Kit
  18. Spare Tire Size/Type and Sidewall Inspection
  19. Air Pressure Inspection
  20. Tire Inflator Kit
  21. Emergency trunk-Lid Release


— Frame

  1. Frame Damage
  2. Fuel Supply System

— Exhaust System

  1. Exhaust System Condition
  2. Emissions Control Test

— Exhaust System

  1. Automatic transmission/Transaxle
  2. Manual Transmission/ Transaxle, Differential & Transfer Case
  3. 4*4 Hub Operation
  4. Universal Joints, CV Joints and CV Joint Boot
  5. Transmission Mounts (not cracked, broken or oil soaked)
  6. Differential/ Drive Axle

— Tires and Wheels

  1. Tires and Wheels Match are Correct Size
  2. Tire Tread Depth
  3. Normal Tire Wear
  4. Tire Pressure
  5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  6. Wheels
  7. Wheel Covers and Center Caps
  8. Rack-and-Pinion, Linkage and Boots
  9. Control Arms, Bushings and Ball Joints
  10. Tie-Rods and Idler Arm
  11. Sway Bars, Links and Bushings
  12. Springs

From Feburary 15th, 2014 BBT has sucessfully implemented the fixed price policy with perserverance.

Understanding Fixed Price Policy

  1. Fixed Price Policy at BBT refers to Cost plus Pricing The selling price of a car at BBT is determined by the following 2 steps:
    • Cost of Procuring the Vehicle
    • 5-7% Operating Margin (depending on vehicle make and model)
  2. The addition of the above given costs results in the selling price or the retail price of the vehicle. We are here to help the customer understand how standardisation and fixing of costs would help them more rather than us.

Some of the Rebuttals

  1. We don't believe in Brands , but "we believe in Quality and quality has one definition".
  2. We sell quality not price.
  3. Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
  4. Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.

Benefits to Customers

  1. Insulation from market fluctuations: - The price risk is with us and not with the customer.
  2. Certainty of final price: With the exact price in front of the customer, they can do budgeting accordingly.
  3. No Hidden Charges.
  4. Consistency in top quality and exceptional customer services.


  1. Simplicity
  2. Transparency
  3. Predictability
  4. Fast Feedback
  5. Increase in Efficiency & Decision Making Power amongst Sales Employees
  6. Increase of Confidence in Quality by both Employees and Customers
  7. Product is strategically priced taking into consideration the operating cost, fluctuation in the industry and demand.
  8. Pull Factor Pricing


  1. The current clients and referrals may find it difficult to adapt.
  2. Accuracy is critical component in Cost plus Pricing/Fixed Price Policy. This model relies on variable costs such as logistics, insurance, car servicing and other such factors, and fixed costs i.e. buying cost. If either of these estimates is inaccurate then the entire cost structure is incorrect
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