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DC car Models

  • DC Avanti

Dilip Chhabria, the brain behind DC Design, is a person who believes that those who dream big achieve bigger and DC cars are the live example of same. Dilip Chhabria laid the foundation of DC Design in the year 1993, where initially the company focused on creating unique and modern car accessories. In a span of 10 years or so, the company became the largest manufacturer of car parts throughout the country and also the favorite of the car enthusiasts. The company then tried its hands on designing a complete car and not few parts of it.

As of now, DC Design has been the mastermind of more than 600 unique car designs, which include the redesigning of a supercar and the complete re-haul of the legendary Ambassador. The company has provided its valuable, unique and smart services and designs to the likes of Aston Martin, GM and Renault. Today the company has spread its roots in designing and refurbishing the aircraft interiors.

Pre Owned DC Cars – Offer Limited

DC cars in India are doing a great business for the brand and soon the time will be there when this Indian brand will deepen its roots in the international markets also. Though the price of DC cars varies in lakhs, they are still beyond the reach of many car enthusiasts whose pockets can't bear such a heavy load. And when an Indian brand is creating a buzz in the market, then why the car aficionados from India should stay away from the fun and charm of driving a DC car. Where brands such as Ferrari, Audi, etc. are only a dream from many of the speed lovers, DC cars has provided them the opportunity that owning a supercar is not a dream anymore.

What if your budget does not allow you to buy a brand new DC car, there is always an option for a buying a pre owned DC car through a trusted name. There are many car dealers trying their luck in the second hand luxury car market, but Big Boy Toyz is the major player who played the pivotal role in bridging the gap between the car enthusiasts and their dream luxuries. It is a one stop platform for buying and selling exotic premium cars, where each car goes through a strict process of checking and is certified and verified by the concerned authorities so that a customer is always delivered with a quality product. As far as the price is concerned, it completely depends on the year of production and kilometers driven.

  • DC Avanti

    - It is the first sports car that is completely designed and manufactured by an Indian car brand. It draws energy from a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor that churns out a maximum power of 250bhp and is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The presence of carbon fiber both inside and outside makes DC Avanti a lightweight yet a sturdy vehicle.

Second Hand DC Cars on Sale – What More?

DC has designed many sports cars that have been appreciated and adored by many, but now, DC Cars is dealing in a sports car, named Avanti that is creating a buzz in market with its inspiring looks and unique design. It is the first sports car made by an Indian car brand and hence has a special place in the hearts of car lovers. At Big Boy Toyz showroom in Delhi NCR, you will find a range of used as well as NEW DC Cars that are mastered to deliver performance and speed without compromising on the quality and comfort fronts.

DC Avanti: First showcased as just a concept at the 2008 Auto Expo, Delhi, the huge response from the car enthusiasts propelled the brand to bring life to the concept car, named Avanti. The envisaged sports car saw the light of the day in the year 2015 after excessive market research and effective ground work.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your second hand DC car now before it is too late!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to buy used DC Avanti?


DC Avanti is one of India's assembled luxury cars. It can give tough competition to other branded luxury coupe. Buying such a car needs wealth. So, you can go for used DC Avanti from Big Boy Toyz, where you get the same specifications at a low price.

Where to get used DC modified cars for sale in Mumbai?


Big Boy Toyz is one such place, where you can buy the used DC modified cars in Mumbai.

How good DC Avanti Second-hand car is?


You get all the specifications in the used DC Avanti with the posh look. Which is certified and has a warranty at a reasonable price only at Big Boy Toyz

Where to buy best used DC Avanti in Hyderabad?


The best deal and best condition used DC Avanti are available at Big Boy Toyz.

Why to buy DC Avanti?


DC Avanti is built by Dilip Chhabria and is assembled in Pune. It is the Indian luxury coupe, which will be a tough competitor to other country brands. You can buy the used DC Avanti from Big Boy Toyz.