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Looking to buy a used Ferrari car ? Well, look no more…

Ferrari Cars symbolizes speed and only speed. Browse through!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ferrari car

Ferrari is not a car brand but an inspiration. Right from its robust engine, unique design and above all the alluring “Prancing Horse” logo, all celebrates the excellence exhibit in the automotive engineering. Back in the year 1929, Enzo Ferrari laid the foundation of this premium car brand with the motive of serving something special to the speed lovers, which will be more like a treat to the eyes.

The idea behind the first car under the brand was building racing cars whose raging sound produced by the throttled engine can bring chill down to every spine of yours. Carrying the legacy forward, Ferrari has proved its worth and fulfilled every promise made by introducing some of the world’s most appreciated machines that are dynamically capable, worldwide recognized and are ranked high in the sough-after sports and supercars on the earth. Producing history every time its offspring’s get down either on or off track, the Ferrari products are capable of producing earth shattering speed by pushing the boundaries of technology and speed continuously.

Over the past few years, Ferrari has earned that much needed respect and fame that car aficionados have started symbolizing it with power and wealth, giving full respect to its richness and status symbol. In case you are one of those few proud owners born with silver spoon in mouth, you can easily understand the high value this brand stands for in the car market. In case you are not among those lucky ones, don’t get disheartened as you can still experience the throttling speed combined with innovation, passion and technology to fourfold your driving pleasure.

Pre-Owned Ferrari is the Answer!

Don’t get carried away with the notion that pre-owned Ferrari cars lack in performance as compared to the brand new ones. Yes, in some cases you might find the ground for the difference, however, not all used or better to say pre-owned cars have short hand in performance and power. At Big Boy Toyz, the major player of second hand cars available for sale in India, you will find each and every Ferrari beauty up-to-date and ready to give that powerful experience on road. All the certified models in the inventory are fully verified and approved by the authorized bodies, hence leaving no room for doubt.

  • Ferrari F430

    - Marking its presence in the market from 2004 to 2009, this sports car is the successor to the Ferrari 360 and hails the arrival of the new-gen V8-engine berlinetta by Ferrari.
  • Ferrari 458

    - It is a mid-engined sports car and is the successor to Ferrari F430. It was one of the best performance cars of the Italian automaker unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The car can accelerate to 100kmph from a standstill in mere 2.9-3.0 seconds by attaining a top speed of 340kmph.
  • Ferrari California

    - The state-of-the-art innovation by Ferrari is a grand touring 2-door sports car and a hard top convertible. The company paying homage to the success earned by California - released its second generation by the name of California T that is powered by the twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 Ferrari engine.
  • Ferrari FF

    - Changing the GT sports car concept completely, the Italian perfectionist come out with its 4-seater sports car or better to say a mini sedan. The styling of FF is created by Pininfarina that gives it totally new touch and look. The car is designed to tackle the toughest, the most complex and difficult driving challenges and this is the car for those who do not compromise in any term when it comes to wild driving.

Ferrari cars are available in the form of coupe, convertible and sports car, thus catering to the need and thirst of every car fanatic who is addictive to speed.

Second Hand Ferrari – Limited Editions Only!

The pre-owned car market is pretty much in boom, especially in the developing countries like India and when it comes to the purchase of a second hand Ferrari car all the eyes get stuck to Big Boy Toyz who owns a massive collection of the amazing beauties designed and developed by the Italian carmaker.

In case, you are still worried about the finance, then again Big Boy Toyz is at your service to cater each financial need of yours with easy and simple EMIs without digging a hole in your pocket. Just walk into our Studio in Delhi and let our sales team take over. We quote best prices of the models keeping the prevailing competition in the used car market in mind.

If you are thinking to buy a used Ferrari to get counted among ‘The Select Few’, then visit our studio in New Delhi or showroom in Gurgaon, before your preferred model gets sold out!

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