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Looking to buy a used Ferrari 458 Italia car ? Well, look no more…

The best performance sports car dipped in the technology crafted for special emotions

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ferrari 458 Italia car

The boys at Maranello know how to whip up some absolutely drool worthy sports cars, and the entire range of Ferrari bears testament to this fact. With the X-Acto knife styling, the power plant and the gearbox that matches the show and provides the go, the 458 is the de facto choice for the sports car connoisseur, who loves to drive and loves to flaunt his arrival at the style.

Ferrari 458 is the successor of the popular Ferrari F430 and saw the first light of the day at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Though 458 is the descendant of F430, the former was based on the completely new design based on the experience gained by the company from its Formula 1. The sports car has earned a good name worldwide, including the luxury car market in India, for the high performance it delivers and for being the first offspring of Ferrari to have direct fuel injection for the engine.

Grab the Pre-owned Ferrari 458 up for Sale!

Buying a sports car and that too from the Italian luxury carmaker, Ferrari, is never an easy task. The skyrocketing price, the maintenance cost, and other factors always come to mind when one thinks of owning a Ferrari 458 sports car. But what if we offer you the same car at the best price suiting your budget? The Delhi-Gurgaon based Big Boy Toyz, the leading player of the pre-owned luxury cars in India, always make sure to get the cars verified and certified by the authorized bodies before putting them up for sale at the showroom. So the major factor of trust does exist while making a purchase from Big Boy Toyz.

The price of the pre-owned Ferrari 458 depends upon the kilometers driven and the model year. The 458 is powered by the most powerful V8 engine, ever built by Ferrari in the 458 Speciale guise. Churning out 597bhp and 398lb-ft torque and mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, this mid-engine Ferrari is one of the purest sports cars one can ever buy to satisfy the thirst for speed. The car rides on F1 inspired suspension and extensively uses cutting edge weight saving materials in construction.

Make Way for the Second Hand Ferrari 458

Though the word ‘second hand Ferrari 458’ might not appeal you much because of the second-hand tag attached to it, we at Big Boy Toyz make sure that whatever model you purchase from us, be it a pre-owned Audi A8 or a used Ferrari 458 up for sale, you will always get the quality at your end in terms of service as well as performance of the vehicle. Our experts are always there to solve your queries regarding a product and to provide valuable suggestions to make your purchase happy with us.

But before you invest your hard earned money in buying a second hand Ferrari 458 to make your neighbors and friends envious of your raised status, let us give you more reasons of owning a Ferrari 458:

The power to Thrill - With a blazingly fast steering response time of 0.060 seconds and a lighting quick gearbox that changes gears before you can start counting, and with a lateral acceleration of 1.33G, there is nothing else which comes close to the thrill a 458 can give you – this is the ultimate adrenaline rush medicine.

The Drive - Powered by the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 and featuring a lot of cutting edge tech borrowed from F1, the car is the closest you can get to a pure sports car, on the road. The engine and chassis feature some cutting edge weight saving tech and the mid-engine layout and the fantastic steering wheel guarantee a driving performance you will never forget.

The Cockpit - Made from high quality, exclusive weight-saving materials like Alcantara and carbon fiber, the cockpit exudes a high strung, racing inspired atmosphere. The interiors are hand-stitched to perfection. The new iconic bridge – the carbon fiber wing that puts the F1 gearbox controls at an ideal angle to the driver, the Sabelt seats with carbon fiber seat backs, the aluminum tread plates and the sculptured door panel – all of these adds to the sporty feel of the cockpit.

Innovation - The 458 has a host of innovative features under its wing – from tech largely borrowed from F1 to the figures that can shame any other road-legal sports car, the Ferrari 458 is a feast. The sports car features a record breaking 135 CV/L output (the highest for a road legal naturally aspirated car), the highest aerodynamic efficiency for a Ferrari production car (1.50), the lowest drag coefficient (0.35), a blistering fast performance from the engine and the F1 dual-clutch gearbox – all this makes the Ferrari 458, a rather Special Ferrari.

Do you need more reasons to become a proud owner of a Ferrari 458? Visit the showroom now or the boutique in Delhi and book your favorite before it becomes the choice of someone else!

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