1. Our Showroom
  • We Believe In Nothing But Extraordinary

  • We Believe In Nothing But Extraordinary

    BBT Gurgaon Showroom

Our Belief

At Big Boy Toyz the aim has always been to dream big and achieve great. Welcome to our showroom's tour. Hope that you will enjoy your time cruising through. A little warning before you scroll ahead "You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave"

18 Luxury Car

150+ Exotic

1500+ Happy

  • Gurgaon - Showroom
  • Delhi - Studio

For the horsepowers

  • Not to brag, but we are the one of a kind in Asia.
  • A complete space to keep and pamper 150 cars.
  • Keeping in mind our car's comfort, We have a dedicated lift till the third floor.
  • Unique architecture. The entire showroom has no sharp and evident corners. The complete space is a round structure.
  • State of art interiors which speak nothing but supercar love.
BBT Showroom Gurgaon

Sultanpur Studio

They say good things come in small packages and we couldn’t agree more except that ‘small’ for us is 5500 sq ft.

Suave. Smart. Splendid.

  • A cosy space to line up 15-20 luxury cars
  • An ornamental Art Tree at the center
  • Glass Lounge to relax and gaze at the supercars
  • BBT Live Feed; While taking a stroll we give you real time information about our events, cars and much more
  • The Photo Booth: Nothing like a great selfie with supercars in the background
BBT Studio Delhi
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