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    • Reg. Year 2020
    • KMS 29000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes Benz GLS 400d


    2020 Mercedes Benz GLS 400d
    • Reg. Year 2020
    • KMS 27000
    • Fuel Type Diesel


    2014 MERCEDES BENZ S350D
    • Reg. Year 2015
    • KMS 48200
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes Benz GLS 400d


    2020 Mercedes Benz GLS 400d
    • Reg. Year 2020
    • KMS 29750
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-AMG GLE43 4MATIC Coupe


    2018 Mercedes-AMG GLE43 4MATIC Coupe
    • Reg. Year 2018
    • KMS 31800
    • Fuel Type PETROL
  • Mercedes Benz E350d


    2017 Mercedes Benz E350d
    • Reg. Year 2017
    • KMS 24300
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    2018 MERCEDES BENZ S350D
    • Reg. Year 2019
    • KMS 27000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    • Reg. Year 2018
    • KMS 38700
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Merecedes Benz GLE 43 AMG Coupe
    2019 Merecedes Benz GLE 43 AMG Coupe
    • Reg. Year 2019
    • KMS 15900
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    • Reg. Year 2016
    • KMS 32000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    2015 MERCEDES BENZ S350D
    • Reg. Year 2015
    • KMS 24100
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-AMG C63 S
    2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 S
    • Reg. Year 2015
    • KMS 25000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    2016 MERCEDES BENZ S350D
    • Reg. Year 2017
    • KMS 24200
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    • Reg. Year 2021
    • KMS 2100
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4matic Coupe
    2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4matic Coupe
    • Reg. Year 2019
    • KMS 24300
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Mercedes Benz GLE 300d
    2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 300d
    • Reg. Year 2021
    • KMS 1700
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • MERCEDES BENZ S400d 4Matic Launch Edition
    2021 MERCEDES BENZ S400d 4Matic Launch Edition
    • Reg. Year 2021
    • KMS 1000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350 D 4matic
    2019 MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350 D 4matic
    • Reg. Year 2020
    • KMS 26700
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350D 4MATIC Final Edition
    2019 MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350D 4MATIC Final Edition
    • Reg. Year 2019
    • KMS 22000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes Benz GLS 400d 4matic
    2020 Mercedes Benz GLS 400d 4matic
    • Reg. Year 2020
    • KMS 8100
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-Benz S450 4matic
    2021 Mercedes-Benz S450 4matic
    • Reg. Year Unregistered
    • KMS 800
    • Fuel Type Petrol

Mercedes-Benz car Models

  • Mercedes A Class

  • Mercedes AMG

  • Mercedes AMG C43

  • Mercedes AMG C63

  • Mercedes AMG E63s

  • Mercedes AMG G63

  • Mercedes AMG GLC 43

  • Mercedes AMG GLE 43

  • Mercedes AMG GLE 53

  • Mercedes AMG GLS 63

  • Mercedes AMG GT R

  • Mercedes AMG S63

  • Mercedes AMG SLC 43

  • Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG

  • Mercedes Benz EQC

  • Mercedes Benz G350d

  • Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG

  • Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG

  • Mercedes Benz GLC

  • Mercedes Benz GLE

  • Mercedes Benz GLS

  • Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG

  • Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

  • Mercedes C Class

  • Mercedes CLA

  • Mercedes CLS

  • Mercedes E Class

  • Mercedes G Class

  • Mercedes GL Class

  • Mercedes Maybach

  • Mercedes ML Class

  • Mercedes S Class

  • Mercedes SLK

  • Mercedes SLS

  • Mercedes-Benz SLK 350

  • V-Class

Searching To Buy Used Mercedes-Benz Car? Have A Look… 

The Mercedes-Benz is no more expensive, buy used Mercedes-Benz within a comfortable budget and unleash the luxurious experience. 

Germany is the hometown of many luxury automakers and Mercedes-Benz is one out of it. Models built by Mercedes-Benz are built with the motive of ‘The Best Or Nothing.’ It is a fact that Mercedes-Benz is the most sold premium car across the world in 2018. In India, Mercedes-Benz has huge demand, where buyers like you wait for the right moment. Mercedes-Benz is not only a transport vehicle but art that automakers and its drivers can feel into. 

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We are confident about what we say! Existing for more than a decade in this competition, Big Boy Toyz has the most reliable used Mercedes-Benz cars with a wide range of models and variants. Buy the pre-owned Mercedes-Benz at an attractive price range with many perks at Big Boy Toyz. Drive the old with a feel like new!

Own The Luxury, Wide Range Of Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz 

When you compete with yourself then you are raging the race. Mercedes-Benz is one such competitor who keeps building the best model among its product line. Timely innovation, invention, building with advanced technology has kept them going in the market at the best position worldwide. Quality and price go hand-in-hand! We know what is resisting you from buying this luxury car. Big Boy Toyz will help you to fill the gap by offering the best pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models at a competitive price range. 

Check out our wide range of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars, and select the best suitable one of you: 

  • GL

    : This class has a full-size luxury SUV, that will deliver the tempting drive. The GL class is spacious from the inside with a 7 seater. However, the GL Class SUV is a 6 cylinder model, offers a top speed of 220 km/h. You get the model in two fuel variants, diesel, and petrol, that empower 2987 cc and 5461 ccs respectively. GL-Class gives you the mileage of 10.0 to 11.3 kmpl and equips automatic transmission. These SUVs are built using Hybrid technology that has a standard specification Crosswind Assist which starts on recognizing the effects of strong gusts of wind and reduces it.
  • SLS

    : It is the successor of Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. But the SLS-Class is the limited edition available, which is a two-seater. This Grand Tourer is a front mid-engine performer. SLS is powered by a 6.2-liter V-8 engine, it is a supercar that everyone has to drive once in a lifetime. Also, the sleeker look of SLS is a center of attraction on the streets. The two-door coupe has a dual-clutch automatic transmission with a manual shift mode. It is equipped with a petrol engine of 6208 ccs. The SLS AMG version is available as a 4 seater coupe.
  • E-Class

    : An E-Class was started in 1953, which falls under the midrange in the product line of Mercedes-Benz. It is manufactured as an executive range of models, now available in different body styles and different configurations. Also, it is available in two engine layouts such as rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. The engine has different variants such as a 195hp turbo-diesel four, a 302hp V6, and a 329hp twin-turbo V6 for Convertibles, and Coupes are equipped with either a 329hp twin-turbo V6 or 402hp twin-turbo V8 powertrain. You get a plethora of options in the E-Class Mercedes-Benz.
  • SLK

    : SL is the base name for the Roadster and SLK is the combination of Roadster and Coupe. The SLK class is built with the advanced technology with a touch of comfort and luxury. It has 3 petrol engines, which range at 5461 ccs and 1796 cc and 3498 ccs. You get an approximate mileage of 11.1 to 18,1 Kmpl.
  • S-Class

    : The S-Class is formerly known as SonderKlasse (Special Class). The product line of the S-Class consists of full-size luxury sedans, limousines, and armored sedans. You get a wide range of options such as rear-wheel and all-wheel drive with 449hp 4.7-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and 523hp 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 for both. It offers diesel and 3 petrol engines with plug-in Hybrid. The mileage varies based on the model and fuel type, also you get an automatic transmission. The body of the S-class looks stylish and big for a comfortable room inside.
  • ML-Class

    : Do you love crossovers? ML-Class is the crossover SUVs, M-Class shares the platform with GLK-Class and GL-Class, you get rear-wheel and all-wheel drive engine layouts, with a 3.5 liter and V6 engine. Mercedes-Benz gives the customers a lot of options, in ML-Class you get 2 diesel and 2 petrol engines. Where the diesel engine is of 2987cc and 2143cc and petrol engines is of 5461cc and 3498cc respectively. The 5 seater SUV with automatic transmission is a beast on the street and the body design is attractive.
  • G-Class

    : The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is also known as G-Waden, which means Terrain Vehicle. It is a mid-size four-wheel luxury SUV, which is sold as Puch G in certain markets. It can be easily identified by high and boxy style design. The extravagant vehicle looks beast when it comes to performance. You get a TwinTurbo premium V8 engine with 7-speed automatic transmission. You get a dual fuel-type engine such as diesel of 2925cc and petrol of 3982cc. You get the average mileage that a Mercedes-Benz car delivers.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG

    : It is one of the most popular classes across the world. The model looks speak about the art crafted by engineers, craftsmen, designers, etc. Mercedes-Benz AMG is known for its high performance and stylish look. It is the subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG, one specialty about the AMG is, it hires individuals of engineers and contracts with the manufacturer to build the most-sorted vehicle. The 3982cc petrol engine is mounted in the Mercedes-Benz. This 2 seater coupe is equipped with an automatic transmission.
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS

    : This series was started in 2004, which was made as an executive car class. The original model was based on the E-Class, now it is a benchmark of perfection and powerpack performance. The lavish look and silhouette design is the center of attraction. It is a unique product in the list of Mercedes-Benz, which grabs the combination of beauty and performance. The diesel engine is of 1950cc with automatic transmission. Also, the mileage is approximately 19.0 Kmpl depending on the model and fuel type.
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class

    : the A-Class started in 1997 with a hatchback and is now in its fourth generation. It is the first time that the A-Class has been offered as a hatchback and sedan. Also, it is a subcompact executive range of cars with a front-mounted engine and front-wheel drive. The design is very detailed and it has a diamond grille on the front which makes it look aesthetic. You get dual variants of petrol and diesel with decent mileage. The A-Class is the complete family luxury, and best suitable for long drives.
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach

    Maybach itself is a brand that is a part of Mercedes-Benz. The royal feel in the comfort of Maybach with a combination of beast performance. Its specialty is that it makes you feel elite when you sit in the front seat. Coming to its technicality, Maybach has the 7-5 fuel efficiency with 630PS@4800RPM power and 1000Nm@2300-4300rphm torque. These things make it one of the best in the product line of Mercedes-Benz.

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Big Boy Toyz is the place where you can buy the second-hand Mercedes-Benz easily at less time and an effective price range. We deliver the top-notch quality and certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz at your doorstep. Therefore you get a wide range of models and variants available with full specifications. These used Mercedes-Benz cars perform extremely well on the streets of India. What more are you looking for? We are sure that we have all that you want under one roof from minimal price to your favorite brand variant.  

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We are not only the option, but we are the best! When it comes to delivering second-hand extravagance vehicles. Our mission is to deliver the best quality used Mercedes-Benz-like branded cars across India at a competitive price range with the best quality. 

However, we perform the systematic process to assure the quality of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz with the best customer service all over India, we have the showroom in cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. where you can inspect the second-hand Mercedes-Benz in-person. Also, we hold more than a decade of experience in this field, which made us the best today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to buy a used Mercedes in Bangalore?


You must check out Big Boy Toyz to buy the used Mercedes-Benz in Bangalore at a reasonable price range. However, BBT is the most trusted platform to purchase the used Mercedes-Benz different variants and models. We are known for the quality and price range of delivering the cars

Where to buy a used Mercedes-Benz in Chennai?


Chennai has got one of the biggest hubs to buy used Mercedes-Benz cars, known as Big Boy Toyz. which excels in the quality and maintenance of used Mercedes-Benz cars at a competitive price range.

Where to buy the pre-owned Mercedes in Pune?


You must check out Big Boy Toyz to buy the pre-owned Mercedes in Pune, which delivers the used luxury car with powerpack performance and quality, that will make you feel like owning a new one.

Is there a sale of any second-hand Mercedes under 10 lakh?


No, there is no such sale of second-hand Mercedes under 10 lakh, because Big Boy Toyz delivers the quality used Mercedes-Benz cars across India, and if you are looking for used luxury cars with quality then, you must increase the budget and get it from the best place or hub like BBT (Big Boy Toyz)

What is the second-hand Mercedes price?


Big Boy Toyz delivers the second-hand Mercedes-Benz at a reasonable price with multiple models and its variants. You can check out the prices on the BBT website and for the best deal at the earliest.

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