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  1. About Us


At Big Boy Toyz, our notion is to match the individuality of our cars to your personality and we take full stride in doing so.

Presenting a plethora of exclusivity, sophistication and panache which is bound to get you in a thought provoking state!

Make a note...
From the finest German engineering, standout Italian designs, English tradition and American classics we have something for the keen and enthusiastic automobile aficionados. 24 exotic brands in all with 75 to 100 cars under one roof to woo your sixth sense! Our vast array of choices will not only get you noticed but also get your adrenaline pumping.

Big Boy Toyz surely is a benchmark in the pre-owned and new exotic car industry.

Having started operations in 2009, the brand currently has a pan-India presence via the online portal ( with a colossal showroom at Gurgaon and Mumbai.

Some interesting takeaways

  • Quality to your satisfaction

    It stems from the trust factor that you’ve placed on us since so long. And surely the positive verbal testimonials have to showcase the etching intent of yours for future decisions.

    Rightly so, we’ve modified our everyday honest and transparent operations for the extra edge in doing business and seeing the desired satiated expressions which was always the target.

  • Peace of mind and convenience

    To be very honest, Big Boy Toyz will not merit the next best alternative head hunting. The realization is quick & convincing with umpteen backings from the peers. As a sole one stop destination for super cars, BBT goes ten steps extra to prove its exotic edge while propelling the differential satisfactory levels.

    Fast forward to the ownership experience and the biggest wisdom acquiring is how Big Boy Toyz played the trump card winning move to ensure that the priced-possession is cherished even more.

It's just cool

At every step indeed...
Right from the time you enter the heaven of luxury cars, rubberneck at the favorite pick of the lot, steer away the dilemma runs and throttle your pre loved or new dawn loved exotic home and all of this in such a short span of time?

That’s the big time BBT effect doing motion runs at the back of your mind.

Our Belief

We believe that the customer’s need and interest always comes first and should be given maximum priority. Our exotic car collection tempts you to choose something novel and distinct. Discover an unprecedented world of luxury and sportiness at Big Boy Toyz with one of the finest automotive luxury brands on offer. Let the exploration begin!

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