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  • Mercedes Benz GLE 300d


    Mercedes Benz GLE 300d
    • Model 2020
    • KMS 1700
    • Fuel Type Diesel


    • Model 2020
    • KMS 2100
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • MERCEDES BENZ S400d 4Matic Launch Edition


    MERCEDES BENZ S400d 4Matic Launch Edition
    • Model 2021
    • KMS 1000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4matic Coupe


    Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4matic Coupe
    • Model 2018
    • KMS 24300
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350 D 4matic
    MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350 D 4matic
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 26700
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350D 4MATIC Final Edition
    MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 350D 4MATIC Final Edition
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 22000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes Benz GLS 400d 4matic
    Mercedes Benz GLS 400d 4matic
    • Model 2020
    • KMS 8100
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-Benz S450 4matic
    Mercedes-Benz S450 4matic
    • Model 2021
    • KMS 800
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    • Model 2016
    • KMS 5800
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Mercedes Benz C300 Cabriolet
    Mercedes Benz C300 Cabriolet
    • Model 2018
    • KMS 9900
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    • Model 2018
    • KMS 17000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    • Model 2018
    • KMS 24000
    • Fuel Type DIESEL
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 15000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS 350D Grand Edition
    Mercedes-Benz GLS 350D Grand Edition
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 21000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes Benz S350d
    Mercedes Benz S350d
    • Model 2016
    • KMS 17850
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes Benz S450
    Mercedes Benz S450
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 9500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    • Model 2021
    • KMS 1800
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • MERCEDES BENZ GLS 400d 4matic
    MERCEDES BENZ GLS 400d 4matic
    • Model 2020
    • KMS 9900
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4matic+
    Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4matic+
    • Model 2018
    • KMS 8700
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Mercedes Benz GLS 400
    Mercedes Benz GLS 400
    • Model 2017
    • KMS 34000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Mercedes Benz S 350d
    Mercedes Benz S 350d
    • Model 2017
    • KMS 11000
    • Fuel Type Diesel

Mercedes-Benz car Models

  • Mercedes A Class

  • Mercedes AMG

  • Mercedes Benz GLC

  • Mercedes Benz GLE

  • Mercedes Benz GLS

  • Mercedes C Class

  • Mercedes CLA

  • Mercedes CLS

  • Mercedes E Class

  • Mercedes G Class

  • Mercedes GL Class

  • Mercedes Maybach

  • Mercedes ML Class

  • Mercedes S Class

  • Mercedes SLK

  • Mercedes SLS

  • V-Class

They say there’s a woman standing behind every successful man and it’s true. Mercedes Benz got its start when Karl Benz invented the first petrol powered car called the Benz Patent Motorwagen which was financed by his wife Bertha Benz. The brand was established by a merger between Benz & Cie and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft In 1926. The name ‘Mercedes’ is named after the daughter of Emil Jellinek, a racing enthusiast who raced cars for Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. He liked the name so much that he later changed his surname to Jellinek-Mercedes. So much legacy can only get you the best and that’s why Mercedes Benz vehicles are produced in more than 30 countries in the world.

Feel the love in a Pre-owned Mercedes Benz

I haven’t met a man who hasn't wanted to own a Mercedes. The automobiles are pure class. Not only Mercedes make road cars but is renown for making high performance race cars. Mercedes was the first automobile to have brakes! So they take their safety seriously as well. What more could a car connoisseur want?

We understand that the price of luxury is high but with Big Boy Toyz’s used luxury cars everything is affordable. If you can’t empty out your life’s savings for a brand new Mercedes Benz you can definitely purchase a second hand Mercedes Benz. Here are the used cars available with Big Boy Toyz:

  • GL

    - A full size luxury SUV that can accommodate 7 people. ‘G’ stands for  geländewagen which is German for off-road vehicle. It’s a high performance car with exceptional interiors.
  • SLS

    - A two seater sports car with  6.2-liter V-8 engine. SLS stands for "Super Leicht Sport" which means super light spot. The supercar is a dream on the road and looker with its gull wing doors.
  • E Class

    - An executive car that is confidently stylish and yet sophisticated. The brand offers different engine choices:  a 195hp turbo-diesel four, a 302 hp V6 and a 329 hp twin-turbo V6. It’s a well defined dynamic car.
  • SLK

    - The car is an absolute beauty.  The compact luxury roadster gets its name from sportlich (sporty), leicht (light), and kurz (short). It has V8 engine and delivers 415 bhp.
  • S Class

    - The special class is a full size luxury car. S class stands out from the rest and can be customized according to your preferences. It comes as 449hp 4.7-liter twin-turbo V8 (available in both rear drive and all-wheel drive) and 523hp 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 available in rear drive.
  • ML Class

    - A crossover SUV, M Class shares the platform with GLK-Class and GL-Class. The base setup has 3.5-liter V6 engine and comes in two layouts: rear-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive.
  • G Class

    - A cross country vehicle or Geländewagen is a four wheel drive luxury vehicle. It has Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V8 engine and is a 7-speed automatic.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG

    - A dynamic association between independent AMG and Mercedes Benz. It’s the most expensive and high performing mercedes cars.
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS

    - A mid size luxury car with reduced lines and clear contours. The car assures sportiness with exemplary style. CLS class is a unique car with unmatched quality.
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class

    - The sporty design of the A class is exciting and gives a great mercedes benz user experience. With the limitless agility coupled with dynamism makes this beast the best among the rest.
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach

    A car that exceeds every expectation. It’s a saloon car with state of the art luxury essentials like a folding desk and champagne flutes. The car makes you feel powerful and elegant at the same time. 

A second hand Mercedes Benz might be the best idea you’ve ever had!

A brand that has won hearts. Let it win yours as well. The three point star is one of the most respected symbols in the corporate world. The star also represents land, water and air something  Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft saw in with the brands’ universal image.

Now we know buying a brand new mercedes can release you of your assets. But your dream can still come true with Big Boy Toyz. We not only have the best cars but they are verified for utmost quality. Our experts take verification seriously and thus the car goes through multiple appearance and performance checks before being displayed. Now that there is no worry attached to you owning a world class used Mercedes, stop what you’re doing right now and book an appointment with Big Boy Toyz.

Pune offers the best drives

Termed as the most livable city in 2018, Pune is the best place you can drive in. The city has got something for everybody. Pune is a city where every ride is magical. Pune has the best environment one could ask for. The city is filled with rich history of the maratha empire with various architectural monuments. No matter if you’re craving a walk on the beach or an early morning tea in the hills. Pune is only hours away from it all. That’s why you need a pre owned Big Boy Toyz car in the city, because every beautiful city deserves luxurious cars on the road.