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When size doesn’t matter but performance!

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  • Mini Cooper Countryman S JCW Inspired
    Mini Cooper Countryman S JCW Inspired
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 13000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2012 Used Mini Cooper 'Convertible'
    Mini Cooper 'Convertible'
    • Model 2012
    • KMS 20000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2012 Used Mini Cooper Countryman S
    Mini Cooper Countryman S
    • Model 2012
    • KMS 21000
    • Fuel Type Petrol

Mini car Models

  • Mini Cooper

  • Mini Countryman

Britain’s favorite car brand and the 20th century’s second most influential carmaker, MINI is a subsidiary of BMW. Born in 1959 in UK, this luxury car brand enjoyed a lot of success in the country for more than four decades and there are nearly 469 MINI clubs in UK with around 260 in the rest of the world.

The MINI cars may look small in size but are very spacious from inside and are loaded with ample of luxurious features to make your journey comfortable.

Pre-owned MINI Cars – You Can’t Ignore!

The days no longer exist when buying a second hand luxury car was considered to be a wrong decision. Car aficionados are very much happy with the performance of the used MINI cars and are finding it pretty interesting a deal. But all this will be easier if you find a genuine and fair pre-owned luxury car dealer.

Big Boy Toyz, a renowned name in the used luxury car market in India, is one of the best dealers currently. BBT has recently opened a showroom in the financial capital of India, Mumbai and you can find a huge collection of used MINI cars in its inventory. Here is a glimpse:

  • MINI Cooper

    - Carrying forward the legacy of the brand, the Cooper still holds that vintage look for which MINI is famous. Being a family vehicle, it can easily accommodate 5 people, thanks to the huge rear seating space available.
  • MINI Countryman

    - Hatchback in nature, MINI Countryman can also be taken as a compact crossover and comes with an all-wheel drive option.

Second Hand MINI Cars – The Charm Never Gets OLD!

Being a part of the luxury car market, MINI is quite an expensive brand but who cares when players such as Big Boy Toyz are present in the market to deliver the same quality and performance but at reasonable prices (prices may vary according to the year of production and kilometers driven).

Hurry up! Visit the BBT branch in Mumbai to seal your deal.