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  1. BMW

Planning to buy a used BMW car in mumbai ? Take a look

Amalgamation of power, style, class and performance!

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About BMW

Among the trinity of German luxury automobiles, BMW AG holds a place of its own, Mercedes Benz and Audi being the other two marquee brands. Known as the Bavarian Motor Works Incorporated and headquartered in Munich, Germany, the luxury brand is known for the manufacturer of luxury cars and motorcycles. Its manufacturing facilities lie in various countries apart from its home in Germany.

These are in Brazil, India, China, the UK, South Africa, and the USA. In fact, the company also owns famous brands like Mini and Rolls Royce. BMW signifies what is best and opulent among four wheelers not to speak of the bikes. The brand is known for introducing electric and hybrid vehicles as well, besides the ubiquitous diesel and petrol. Its owners, instead of calling it a car for consumers, refer to it as a work of art. BMW comes in various models typically referred to as Series with the latest being X and i Series.

Avail Pre-owned BMW cars from Big Boy Toyz

Yes, the Big Boy Toyz is a name to reckon with in the pre-owned car market with car aficionados lining up to have a look, take a test drive, and drive away with second hand BMW cars, be it in Mumbai, Gurgaon, or Delhi. Big Boy Toyz has opened a new branch in Mumbai to cater to the demands among the established and nouveau riche section of Mumbaikars.

The premier car dealer has in its inventory luxury pre-owned BMW cars that are certified for quality. If you look around the inventory of BMW cars offered by Big Boy Toyz, you will find they are selling like hot cakes. Have a look at few of them:

  • 5 Series

    - This sedan has the capacity to reach a top speed of 233Kmph. Driven by innovation, the 5 series models are blessed with timeless design to maintain their beauty always.
  • 6 Series

    - The models of 6 series are Gran Coupe in nature and have dynamic design to meet the expectations of the fans.
  • 7 Series

    - The models of 7 series are the successors of the mighty E3 and come with twin turbocharged engine to maximize the power and efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Z4

    - With the promise to deliver a maximum torque consuming a little amount of fuel, the Z4 series is provided with a TwinPower turbo engine by BMW.
  • M Series

    - Where M stands for ‘motorsport’, this is a car designed for sports car lovers. It was first showcased at 1978 Paris Motor Show.
  • BMW X-series

    - With the aim to accomplish the impossible, the BMW X Series comes with top of the line technologies to make your choice a perfect one.
  • BMW i-Series

    - A wide range of plug-in vehicles, the i Series by BMW is inspired by the i mobility concept of the marque.

Second hand BMW cars for you at Big Boy Toyz

Should you think second hand cars can be suspect in terms of quality and pricing, you should think again as times have changed. Remember, second hand cars are as good as the first hand ones provided they are certified by the respective dealer(s). This is where Big Boy Toyz scores big with trust and customer satisfaction.

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