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  • 2015 Used Nissan GTR
    Nissan GTR
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 4500
    • Fuel Type Petrol

Nissan car Models

  • GTR

Nissan is a well-known Japanese multinational car maker. This highly reputable company sells cars under three different brands – Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun. This sixth-largest automobile brand is now a part of the Nissan-Mitsubishi-Renault group. Nissan has always paid a premium to develop newer technologies to ensure that its customer gets the best experience riding its vehicles. One such pioneering effort of Nissan is its entry into the electric car segment.

As of 2016, the company was the biggest producer of electric vehicles all over the world. The Infiniti  -of Nissan was launched to promote hybrid vehicles that can be run on either petrol or an electric battery. Datsun, on the other hand, manufactures cheaper cars for the emerging markets, where the customers are extremely price sensitive.

Pre Owned Nissan Cars – Offer Limited

Are you looking for a reputable pre-owned car dealer where you can get the most amazing luxury cars at affordable prices? Then, the newly opened Big Boy Toyz showroom in Mumbai is the place to go. BBT has made a name for itself in providing well-maintained used luxury cars at a fraction of the original cost. It has showrooms in Gurgaon and Delhi, which are very popular among the car aficionados who are looking for exotic cars at best rates.

Exploring the option of buying a pre-owned Nissan car won’t be a bad deal as all the cars in the Big Boy Toyz inventory meticulously go through 50+ check points and are verified and certified to make the deal a fair one. Some of the options you can explore include:

  • Nissan GT-R

    - Popularly known as the Godzilla for Nissan, the GT-R series is an amalgamation of speed, performance, style, power and high technology. In simple words, Nissan GT-R is a beast from outside and sportier from inside.

Pre-owned Nissan Cars to Fulfil your Dreams

As more and more people are buying second hand luxury cars due to numerous advantages, the stigma associated with driving a second hand luxury car has vanished. And due to the increased demand from Nissan cars in developing markets like India, people are getting more inclined towards buying a second hand Nissan car as it is very much cost effective.

Therefore, if you are looking for a well maintained pre-owned Nissan car, visit Big Boy Toyz showroom in Mumbai today and close the deal before it is too late!