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Whatever you name GT-R or Godzilla, the designer of Nissan GT-R says that it is more of a Japanese representative culture model.

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  • 2015 Used Nissan GTR
    Nissan GTR
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 4500
    • Fuel Type Petrol

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Used Nissan GT-R in Mumbai

Are you looking to buy a used luxury car? Then, the used Nissan Godzilla is best for you, oh! used Nissan GT-R. Still, struck with trust issues? Get rid of it now! Because you are at Big Boy Toyz. Where you get the best quality used Nissan GT-R at the competitive price range. You should not be scared of used luxury cars when it comes to Big Boy Toyz, since it gives you the well maintained and conditioned like a new one. Many Mumbaikars are out looking to buy this used Nissan GT-R before it gets out of stock, grab it! Don't miss the deal of a lifetime in Mumbai.

First-hand Experience in Second-hand Nissan GT-R in Mumbai

Nissan manufactures one of the best sports cars and luxury cars. Which is cherished by the world audience. One such luxury sports car is the second-hand Nissan GT-R. It was designed by Shiro Nakamura in 2007. Which is the successor of Nissan Skyline GT-R but the model is no longer a part of Nissan Skyline. Then too Nissan GT-R has its own success story to tell, and it is considered as one of the most demanded sports cars in India. Which is now available in Mumbai at Big Boy Toyz for a reasonable price.

Pre-owned Nissan GT-R in Mumbai

This grand tourer is glossy and luxurious that will push up your lifestyle in Mumbai. The exterior of the pre-owned Nissan GT-R is designed by Hirohisa Ono, which looks elite and filled with richer elements such as a front grille that looks typical Nissan design, projector LED headlamps, center air vents, and side vents for cooling down the engine. The sloppy rare is the attention seeker with rear LED lights. Customers get the liberty to choose the color of their choice. Overall, the posh outlook will be loved by the Mumbaikars.

The driving dynamics of the pre-owned Nissan GT-R show the adaptive nature. You get approximately 3 to 5 dynamics for making the comfortable drive. The pre-owned Nissan GT-R is equipped with 3.8L, Twin Turbocharged, V6 engine, and 6 Speed DCT transmission. It has a peak torque of 628 Nm @ 3200 RPM and peak power of 553 PS @ 6400 RPM. An all-wheel drive with petrol-type fuel will give you the power pack performance on the roads of Mumbai.

Whereas, the interior is the start point of real comfort and luxury. Where you get comfortable and luxury features such as leather manufactured electrical convertible seats (2+2), an infotainment system that enables few premium safety measures, instrument cluster for driving guidance, surround music system, and many more. It is loaded with premium safety measures and massive space in the boot make it a complete family-centric luxury car. Overall, you can expect furious performance, full-fledged luxury, and a feel of comfort.

Big Boy Toyz Platform For Used Nissan GT-R in Mumbai

Big Boy Toyz is the best platform in India to buy the used luxury cars. Where you get myriad world's top-class brands with multiple variants of models. What you can expect is the best service, you might haven't come across, the best product quality because the used Nissan GT-R goes through 141 quality checkpoints and gets expert-verified and certified. The price of the pre-owned Nissan GT-R is cost-effective since it based on the kilometers traveled and manufactured date. Impressed? Then why wait? Rush to our showroom to experience luxury or else book from the place you are through an online platform. Make It A Successful Deal!