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If it’s a minute ride or an hour’s ride, this luxury car swears to add thrill to your every destination.

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  • 2015 Used Nissan GTR
    Nissan GTR
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 4500
    • Fuel Type Petrol

Nissan car Models

  • GTR

Used NISSAN GT-R in Delhi

If you are looking for a safe opportunity to buy a used and pre-owned NISSAN GT-R in Delhi, we have just the deal to make this luxury car your very own car. Second-Hand cars won’t disappoint you. Every car sold in Big Boy Toyz is verified and has the same features and characteristics as the new one. So what are you waiting for? Drive into your used and pre-owned Nissan right now.

Used and Verified NISSAN GT-R in Delhi

THE GT-R has been breaking the rules for decades. Also, guess what? It’s all going to happen again. It's based on a fixation on detail. What's more, an extreme conviction that a genuine supercar conveys execution in certifiable conditions? Anyplace. Whenever. So refined, anybody can drive it. However so skilled, in the correct hands it can disrupt the car world. Its set of experiences talks about world-beating execution, however, the pursuit will consistently be of pure luxury elation. Pause everything and buy a used and second-hand Nissan!

Second- Hand NISSAN GT-R in Delhi

How can you go faster with this car? It has some adequate features which work brilliantly with its style: - increased horsepower and torque, titanium exhaust system, Enhanced aerodynamics with improved cooling, and Chassis reinforcements for improved high-speed handling. And smart? Display Commander for audio, communication, and entertainment selection and Relocated and redesigned paddle shifters, makes it an intelligent drive. Entertaining features and verified used and pre-owned cars!

Pre-Owned NISSAN GT-R in Delhi

Many accept that a supercar ought to just be driven on an ideal day, on an ideal stretch of street, and exclusively by a specialist driver. We have an alternate vision. That you ought to have the option to appreciate the environment with certainty, paying little heed to your expertise level, on any street, paying little mind to conditions. Every day should be your day! An extreme thought? Maybe. But why not head out in this way? And buy a second-hand and used Nissan GT R.

Big Boy Toyz – Used and Pre-Owned NISSAN GT-R in Delhi

As a trusted and verified car dealer, Big Boy Toyz has perhaps the most powerful cooperation. As we had satisfied clients from everywhere around the world, under their desire, we successfully served them the best pre-owned Nissan GTR. The labor force behind Big Boy Toyz is exceptional services and working which won't disappoint you! So why wait anymore? If you are looking for luxury with pre-owned and used car prices, A1 quality, the multi-tested, used, second hand, and verified Nissan GTR is waiting for you at Big Boy Toyz’ display store. Book your test drive right now! And experience this rich automobile.