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  1. Imran Khan's Dream Machine:The ever gorgeous Ferrari California

Imran Khan's Dream Machine:The ever gorgeous Ferrari California

09th March 2017
Imran Khan's Dream Machine:The ever gorgeous Ferrari California

It required an actor of Imran Khan’s caliber to show off the comedy skills in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa and Delhi Belly. He further proved himself in I hate Luv Storys and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Known for his love for cars, his Ferrari has surely grabbed some headlines.

actor Imran Khansource -

It began when he was all of eight years and was gifted a Ferrari Toy as a Christmas gift and he promised himself that he would own the same very car. Being overly protective, he cleans the car himself and is careful of any scratches while driving in the thick traffic.

The Company’s Heritage

The Company’s Heritagesource - wallpapercave

The renowned brand from Italy, Ferrari has always held a special position in the enthusiast’s hearts from the very beginning. The company holds a strong reputation to propagate the idea and concept of race track cars since the days of yore for a consequential set afoot carry forth.

One has to change with times bringing out newfangled notions and approach in the design language and technology, thereby paving the journey for future automotive mobility.

Thats the unwavering norm for a steady regarding!

The renowned brand from Italy, Ferrari source - wallpaperbetter

The Italian brand has an immense worldwide fan following for its product portfolio while making known the singular off the beaten path phenominality. 

The fabled and fanciful insignia of the prancing horse with the yellow background is eye catching and the logo truly conveys an unleashing of freedom and vitality along with good luck and success.

The inscription S & F besides the horse stands for Scuderia Ferrari, one of the oldest and most successful Formula Racing Teams that has many championships and record setters in its arsenal.

The horse is derived from Francesco Baracca’s plane who was a national hero during the World War I.

a grand touring sports car

It is extremely interesting to see that how Ferrari with its undisputed legacy and tradition has quickly become a collector’s item and the one splendid example owned by Imran Khan is the California, a grand touring sports car. It infuses a sense of practicality and sportiness through its striking modern age design language and represents the artwork of a sincere Roman dilenttante of automobiles.

On the Outside

a grand touring sports car exterior design

The exterior design beckons you to appreciate the curvaceous lines and the voluptuous magnificent paintwork.

The half circled black slated radiator grille with the royal chrome outlining depicts an aura of sophistication and finesse. The prominent upraised hood scoop accentuates the front look and serves its function well to ease the flow of air to the engine compartment. The swept back headlamps do give us a reminiscence of the Aston Martin Rapide (thinking...) but carry their own unique identity and distinction.

The good looker LEDs do the exerting influence part and what say about the rounded bi xenon headlights, ah!!!....they look purposeful and resolute.

a grand touring sports car exterior

The side view is the most dramatic of all and qualifies as the perfect companion for a landscape photoshoot.

Ah! That gracious grand silhouette with the manifested uprising lends it an unmistakable stance and presence.

The stylish triangle shaped door handles and the protruding wing mirrors impart sportiness and dynamism. The attractive 19 inch alloys with the yellow brake calipers in the background complement the wheel arches perfectly.

The rectractable hardtop in motion is a delight to watch and fascinates the onlookers with its 14 seconds of overwhelming drama and action.

The California has got every bit of the X factor quotient loaded to the grill to get your senses thrilling!

a grand touring sports car rear end adds

The rear end adds more vigor and verve, with the dual circular shaped exhausts on either side that scream action and are arranged in a compelling vertical position at the extreme downward corners!!!

The shapeliness of the rounded LED lights does generous honors to the F emblem in the middle( in our opinion) and you'll just crave for them to be there animated self!  The extravagant embellished bit sees the number plate being incorporated in a fancy style in the black housing.......something special( Because its a Ferrari!)

Interiors Intrigue you with their sporty setup

The interiors with practical layout of buttons and switches

The interiors with practical layout of buttons and switches are welcoming on first impressions.

One does have to bend a little, while entering this beast but once inside, the beautifully crafted seats engulf you in sheer comfort and contentment. The attention to detail thread stitching with the Ferrari logo on the seats exudes a charm of its own.

The start stop button is located to the bottom left

The start stop button is located to the bottom left of the well gripping steering wheel and for that matter the ergonomics are spot on without any grouse or cause to complain.

The dashboard with the 6.5” touch screen display boasts of innovative controls and mechanisms.

The delectable central console with the silver finish and high quality round buttons gives a typical perception of a racing car cabin setup.

The large rev counter with a high definition 3D display

The large rev counter with a high definition 3D display awakens the spirited boy instinct within you every time you enter the car.

The rear seats of the California....ahhhh what should we say.... delegate them for your children and the shopping bags. Overall the interiors represent a perfect fusion of timeless classic design with modern and contemporary touches on a whole.

Under the hood and Driving Dynamics

Under the hood and Driving Dynamics

The energetic California houses an efficacious 4.3 V8 naturally aspirated motor that discharges a bountiful 459bhp mated to a wild eyed 7 speed dual clutch transmission that drives the rear wheels effervescently.

Ferrari's practice of enhancing the weight distribution sees the California getting a front mid engine placement and the gearbox being mounted at the rear for the typical high speed cornering stints to be achieved with competence.

source - youtube

The might and potency of the California’s engine is conveyed instantly when you press the Start/Stop button.

A blissful roar of the exhausts engage you and all you desire is an empty race track to put this monster through its paces.

The 0-100 kmph timing of under 4 seconds pins you to the back of your seat and reaching a top speed of close to 310 kmph is truly scintillating and blissful experience.

It is one of the most aerodynamic Ferraris to be ever made with a coefficient drag Cd= 0.32.

gorgeous Ferrari Californiasource - zombdrive
Not halting on the series of repetitive impeccables!

The infalliable ride quality at normal speeds and city traffic is a pick at being out of the screws and when one gets in the mood to burn some rubber and cut corners, it satisfies that too thereby exhibiting its true potential.

The California has its intent set and one is surely subjected to a breathtaking display of uncompromised drivability and dynamics.

gorgeous Ferrari Californiasource - roa.h-cdn

It is all because of this!
The 'up to the individual' Magneto- Reological Dampers are a real boon as they showcase their quick reactive intent for complying with the tarmac conditions.

A definite thumbs up here!

Not done as yet!

There's one more to go!

Your eyes are quickly attracted to the small lever (Manettino in Italian) on the bottom right side of the steering wheel which depicts three modes ranging from Comfort, Sport and CST off that empowers one to have a wire pulling over .....say the transmission shifts, traction and stability control and ahhh! the'll love it.

The comfort mode primarily sees the California cruising in a subtle manner without any sort of action packed thrills and entertainment which get elevated once the SPORT mode is engaged. Unprecedented joy and pleasure in the making as the Ferrari entices you with its uncanny heroics.

Add to that the indulging deep roar from the dogmatic exhausts!

The hysterical track experience gets an all new meaning with next to zero electronic interventions (barring the ABS) by rotating the lever to CST off.

And the most enchanting and enthralling part is the Launch control mode that keeps all apprehensions and speculations at bay.

Being a hearty sage bellman of a perfect doughty game plan was perhaps the singular and carefully administered strong suit in line with the demonic showdown.

 The California truly comes out on top with its outstanding agility and swiftness that is surely meant to be experienced once in a lifetime.

Imran Khan’s love for Ferrarisource - team-bhp

No wonder then Imran Khan’s love for Ferrari is unlikely to die and in his own words a Ferrari type is always cultured and classic. We at Big Boy Toyz always welcome these particular car enthusiasts and strive to satiate their undeterred passion and love for this Italian masterpiece.



Imran Khan's Dream Machine

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