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  1. Cars Designed by DC to give you Adrenaline Rush

Cars Designed by DC to give you Adrenaline Rush

09th August 2016
Cars Designed by DC to give you Adrenaline Rush

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

The quote above stands true for the figure who has completely changed the market of automobile in India and has brought a huge diversion in the perception people worldwide have for our country. A proud moment for us indeed!

Yes, we are talking about none other than the founder and CMD of DC Design, the Dilip Chhabria, who is no more a hidden personality that needs an introduction. When one talks about the remodeling of cars, the name that props in mind is Dilip Chhabria. Any Auto Expo will be incomplete with a DC Design car that has all the capability and charm to leave you awestruck. The Pied Piper of revamping car models, the man has now become the style guru and car aficionados know whom to put their trust on for complete makeover of their cars.

Though DC Design has refashioned many car models from the house of Porsche, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, etc., few of them simply can’t get over your mind for their unique style and luxurious interiors. Here are few of the magical creation by DC that you won't believe could have been possible and can cast a spell on you, so beware:

The Thar Urban Mod

Thar-Urban-Mod Mahindra Thar Source:

This is the car created out of Mahindra Thar and is overhauled for those who love off-roading in their own unique style.

DC Luxury Lounge – The Fortuner

Yes, you got it right! The Toyota Fortuner has been given a complete luxury touch by converting the off-roader into a luxury lounge.

Suzuki R3

The-Suzuki-R3 Source:

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga was given a new look in the form of Suzuki R3, a concept that made rounds during the 2010 Auto Expo held in Delhi.

Polo Midnight

The Volkswagen Polo tasted the essence of luxury when it went under the knife by DC Design that modified the vehicle into a completely exotic one.

DC Lounge Aria

DC Lounge Aria Source:

Another magical touch given to a mid-level car offering! Tata Aria at the time of launch claimed that if anyone can come with the complete list of features provided in the vehicle, then they could win one but DC completely changed the concept. It added more features to the vehicle converting it into a luxurious lounge.


urban-Ambassador-Ambierod Source:

The urban ambassador for the urban class! Ambierod with its classy black color and classy interior has brought back the old fashioned Ambassador into fashion again. What will steal your heart are the wing-styled doors.

Porsche Cayenne

What would be the result if a luxury car is again modified to become more luxurious? Well the result could have been something a normal person can’t imagine but Dilip Chhabria can.

VIP Amby

The-VIP-Amby Source:

Again an Ambassador, but this time for those who are of the people, for the people and by the people! Yes, our very own politicians. If we can, then why can’t they cruise the town with their swag.

SRK's Vanity Van

SRK's Vanity Van Source:

The Baadshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, too has got his vanity van customized by the style guru, Dilip Chhabria. Not only for SRK but DC Design has modified and customized large vehicles such as Aircraft, Helicopter, Volvo Buses, and Harley Davidson Buses et al.

Salman Khan’s Custom Coach

Salman Khan’s Custom Coach Source:

If the Baadshah of Bollywood can afford to customize his van from DC then why can’t the Bhai of Bollywood? Salman Khan also got his coach redesigned by DC Design to suit his classiness.

DC Avanti

It’s the first sports car made in India by an Indian car manufacturer, DC Design. There are 59 Avanti models on road in India and 1 in London. The company has received order to manufacture around 300 Avantis from Europe.

Renault Duster

Renault's-Duster Source:

Renault Duster is already one of the highest selling cars in India and DC Design has just added more reasons to buy the customized Duster. The compact SUV has very tactfully been converted into a posh lounge.

Nissan Evalia

The Nissan Evalia too has been converted into an ostentatious lounge where the combination of red and white interior is simply stealing the show!

The London Taxi

London-Taxi Source:

Old is gold and living to this quote, DC Design has revamped the London Taxi to bring back the old school memories alive, but this time with a tinge of opulence in it.


Elantra Source:

The Hyundai Elantra is all ready to widen your eyes with its exotic interior and royal black exterior. The red leather cabin adds to the grandness of the vehicle while the dashboard and infotainment system have also been worked upon.



Cars Designed by DC

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