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  1. Audi A6 Matrix : You cannot look anywhere else

Audi A6 Matrix : You cannot look anywhere else

11th January 2018
Audi A6 Matrix : You cannot look anywhere else

Walking on a desolate path, the twilight was setting in casting its shadow of darkness and much to our surprise, the ‘Knight in shining armor’ being a champion of unparalleled technology and sophistication.
So how did it all begin?

A brief stroll past the humongous jungle on one of our weekend getaways was accompanied by the usual eerie ‘within earshot’ of the wild. Our destination back was a mere 500m and it being pitch dark, we were very apprehensive and prayed for a miracle to happen and indeed it did.

The All New Audi A6 Matrix source - rushlane

“What are those beautiful rays of light, meaning to say that I can see two points of supply focusing closely and it is hurriedly moving towards our direction”!
“Ah! A God sent savior.” Exclaimed one of our friends!
It slides past us doing 60 clicks, lighting up the road through its glistening LEDs and comes back again only to be a guardian of the “damsels in distress”.

We thanked our stars as it stopped besides us........the all New Audi A6 Matrix!

“Do you need help”?

We realized that it is Mr XYZ of the resort (is he doing night rounds?) where we were putting up. So nice of a stranger to offer help and from being a mere acquaintance to becoming the best of buddies was definitely not away.

The Good Samaritan not only took us back to the resort but offered us that something extra which came out of the blues.

Because the motoring genes in us surely knows how to develop a rapport on the very first instance!

“I can sense that you are true car aficionados the way the A6 is being admired by you all. It is definitely an eye catching possession to feel proud of. Adding further to your delight, my two months of ownership has been a treat to experience with all the sophisticated tech savvy marvels on board coupled with that enthusiastic 2 litre diesel motor under the hood that develops 187bhp”.

I reckon you’ll enjoy every bit of it so do join me for a spin tomorrow”.

That was simply amazing and unexpected!
(Come on! We were hinting at that earlier)

All New Audi A6 Matrix source - motorscribes

So all prepared for the much awaited outing!
No holding back our energetic vibes, truly!

All New Audi A6 Matrix BBTsource - motorscribes

Taking the back empty stretch of road in the ‘wee hours’ of the morning was something novel that we were doing with the A6. A thought just struck our mind, “someday’s nothing really beats a good drive”, the adage that did wonders for us back in Italy when we tested the Maserati GranCabrio and into the first hour of our journey, we are certain that the engaging tryst will supersede every expectation of ours.

On to the Audi then!

All New Audi A6 Matrix bigboytoyz.comsource - aeplcdn

For starters, it is doing overtly well in the Dynamic mode as the 7 speed S Tronic gearbox is at its peak with a hefty dose of eager shifting to complement the instantaneous surge of strong acceleration. We love the way the suspension stiffens, well that is a trait every car manufacturer highlights with great intent in the brochures and you really have to give it to the folks at Audi as there is a perceptible difference that is appreciable in the way the car responds with agility and cleverness.

The steering too undergoes a drastic transformation to aid in the spirited episodes of frenetic tarmac happenings.
Jaw dropped? Surely
Extraordinary feeling catapulted.

Audi A6 Matrix Big Boy Toyzsource - autotechreview

The sun is out showering its bright and gleaming rays as we continue undeterred on our journey and recall the fact that the A6 is ours for a good twenty four hours. We can see the locals admiring the inviting and appealing looks of the Audi.

Audi A6 Matrix Big Boy Toyzsource - team-bhp

Strike a pose
Strike a pose

It is breakfast time and more importantly to savor some of the fine moments with the A6 through elegant picture shots!

Audi A6 Matrix Big Boy Toyz - BBTsource - team-bhp

Ah! The matrix LEDs (that night’s encounter is definitely fresh in the minds) deserve every bit of admiration for they can be crowned as the ‘prime catalysts’ that do justice to A6’s attention craving looks.
“Audi has scored hefty brownie points this time for sure!”
“The glittering lights can catch you unawares so don’t involve yourself in any sort of hide and seek business with the A6”.

Words of our dear mate who is a passionate photographer at heart for the exotic four wheel beauties!
Get a glimpse of the A6 in person that enchants you no end from all its four corners and you’ll know what we are intending to say. The magnificent limousine like length from the side and that well chiseled rear appearance, quickly affirms the fact that it can hold a candle in the presence of a few ostentatious examples.
It definitely can!

LEDs into the matrix source - motorscribes

The techy wizard in our group dwells a little deep into the matrix terminology that leads him to believe that Audi’s novel technology caters for maximum illumination without inconveniencing the other road users. Working in conjugation with the camera placed behind the rear view mirror, the system further works precisely to modify the throw of LEDs depending upon the objects and sources of light in the front.
Akin to a robotic invention by Audi, truly!

the informative Multi Media Interface Audi A6 Matrix source - indianautosblog

He (we are referring to the techie) is not done yet. Comfortably engrossed in the segment best Milano leather seats, the inquisitive mind is trying to get a hang of the informative Multi Media Interface that now incorporates the use of handwriting inputs which is indeed analogous to ‘over the top’ stuff by Audi for the sequin's rarity.

Multi Media Interfacesource - motoroids

What is he checking so curiously being behind the wheel?

navigation map appears Audi A6 Matrix source - motoroids

“Oh look here, how the navigation map appears intuitively on the instrument cluster and I am surely enticed by that voice control feature too, bang on man, it can’t get better than this for sure!” he utters with affirmation. Audi’s another arsenal up its sleeve to understand your emotions.

the neoteric feature (voice control) Audi A6 Matrix source - indianautosblog

The afternoon was near and we were guided by the neoteric feature (voice control) that suggested us a list of eateries for a quick meal before taking the last leg of our eventful drive.

So done with it!
And here’s what was waiting for us.

Well it’s an alternate route back to the resort that will demand a good four hours of driving and the road doesn’t look quite inviting here for sure.

the Comfort mode Audi A6 Matrix source - motoroids

The ready solution being the Comfort mode that softens up the dampers and the result is… A6’s splurging overdose of gratifications in store for you.
Oh yes the dampers soften a bit!
Got it!
Got it!
From countering the roughest of undulations on the road and serving a magical carpet like ride on a platter, the A6 does it all earnestly to be honest.

Audi A6 Matrix interiorsource - motoroids

Relish the grandeur like feeling in the roomy and inviting rear seat of the A6 while being treated to some fine music from the Bose Audio system as the Audi glides effortlessly down the street.

Bose Audio system Audi A6 Matrix source - motoroids

Feel in command and authority at the front with the Individual mode from the Audi Drive Select that allows you to set every parameter affecting the drive in absolute terms. The A6 is now a replica of your fabulous personality
This getting a high five from us!

The All New Audi A6 Matrix source - indiancarsbikes

And the Auto mode surely lets the Audi use its genius think tank to analyze your throttle inputs, steering movement and the road conditions to swivel continuously to adapt to your mood swings.
Give it a mighty thrust to be an ardent spectator of its uncompromised and fiery dynamics! This is one side of the coin.
What next?
It presents itself as a perfect comrade for a cosmopolitan setup for the elite.
All this in the Auto Mode! Yes, because the A6 is so dexterous.
2 minutes back to the resort then!
And we are already preparing the positive illustrative concluding part.
The sure shot impeccable example of finesse and elegance that exudes its ‘handsome’ looker tags indeed well.

TDI enginesource - motoroids

The way the 187 ponies from the able TDI engine dance to your tune is simply astounding and never make you feel wanted for anything except repeated encounters.
The way the Audi has been wonderfully engineered in and out is an exceptional phrase in itself.

The brilliant A6source - motoroids

The whole day spent with the ace example from Inglostadt felt as we were in our wonderland of dreams and fantasies. The brilliant A6 has struck a deep chord in our hearts with a feeling that we surely wish to possess it someday.


Audi A6 Matrix, New Audi A6 Matrix

Comments (6)

Sujay Gupta

Great car and the way it has been showcased above is phenomenal. Kudos to the writer.



A surprising thing about the A6 Matrix is that it ain’t got no famed Quattro and is a front-wheel drive car. While you might think of it as a negative, it really isn’t one. Reason is, the A6 being an executive sedan isn’t meant for enthusiasts to go burning rubber around a track. The A6 was designed to take people from point A to point B in comfort, luxury and style and if needed the entire family for a weekend outing, and for all those and many other occassions, the A6 Matrix is just about perfect. At its price, one can’t argue about it being competitive as well, given the features it offers.


Nikhil Gogna

Of Course well said Mr Rahman, the A6 is undoubtedly a steal at its given price point

Abhiranjan Chhabra (ASM Mercedes Benz)

No doubt its a flawless machine which have a nice aerodynamics. And also the drive is so smooth. But now E Class is refined and giving a good competition


Ishaan Chakarvarti

Sir though E class is giving tough competition to Audi A6, but when it comes to cars BMW is best at performance and handling......well saying that with experience... had C class for 3 years...and just replaced it with the G30 BMW....and I must say BMW is ultimate driving machine and a car for drivers pleasure


Nothing beats this uniquely magical blog👍🏻Kudos to the blogger !!


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