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  1. The writing miracle: Big Boy Toyz Carbon Fiber Pen

The writing miracle: Big Boy Toyz Carbon Fiber Pen

21st February 2018
The writing miracle: Big Boy Toyz Carbon Fiber Pen

“A refined distinction stemming from your hands that lends you to lie in the glory of the augmented signature style in leaps and bounds”….. ..

The invention of the century that can be accorded as a milestone of all sorts that quickly records its name in the wish list of the connoisseurs of the gilt edged worldly that doesn’t put them in a skepticism mode with regards to modifying their evoked set many a time.

BBT Carbon Fiber Pen

When the Big Boy Toyz Gold Edition Perfume was at the helm of affairs doing laurels to its famed reputation, in other words giving a boost to the “striking a chord” philosophy, the crackerjack think tank at the exotic car destination unflinchingly was engaged in continuing their contemporary streak with something different this time.

“It should ape the supercars, feel and look good along with building that emotional connect with the public”!

The brainstorming sessions did prove quite useful in giving rise to a functional everyday usable instrument dressed wholesomely, with shades of the corporeal that invites wows from the ardent petrol heads which is put into action in their famed four wheeled machines.

the Big Boy Toyz Carbon Fiber Pen

Naming it as the Big Boy Toyz Carbon Fiber Pen didn’t require a heavy dose of permutations and combinations to be very honest.

Getting the basics right and having it all meticulously laid out was just the desired start intended for the much awaited game changer.

the rip roaring Lamborghinis

A word on the center of attention material which is at a noteworthy zenith on the rip roaring Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maserati and the German Trio that plays a complementary anchor role for the flashy bits doing the uptown talking together with aiding in a better strength to weight ratio for the inquisitive technical minds.


In general, Carbon fiber has advantages manifold in the form of high stiffness levels and exceptional fatigue properties, corrosion free, dynamic thermal and electric characteristics, varied classifications of strength and having a subtle leverage in terms of toughness and weight over steel and aluminum.

What’s the biggest USP?

Big Boy Toyz Carbon Fiber Pen

Big Boy Toyz is the only ….and only supercar player which sells the carbon fiber pen in India and that too for…..only rupees 1850/-.

So that’s quite a steal in fact

Holding the barrel shaped work of precision feels like a regained booty in the possession, a fact to rejoice for the exclusive hand pickers who are in the process of scripting their epic tryst with this beautiful ornate writing tangible.

It feels like a typical magical wand that beckons you to give a precise picture to the “make castles in the air” ideologies! “Ah! The effortless motility of the tip makes the nimble paper feel like a bed of roses without any impediments that puts a full stop to your quibbling habits.”

Doing a major contribution to the sense of contentment levels is the sleek and sophisticated SCHMIDT 888 German black Roller ball that wants you to repeat the words of wisdom drafted impeccably over and over again.

Ok, that's not the only one.

Because BBT has plans to introduce another gamechanging specimen for the product in discussion.

So keep a watch on the clock!

Born with a silver spoon in the mouth!

Give Big Boy Toyz a big ‘thumbs up’ for that satiating pleasure. (When you fondle with the chrome trim that feels fresh out of the factory)

Big Boy Toyz Carbon Fiber Pen

The classy cover box that houses the remarkable entity is one among the final dressing up drool worthy anomalous which then appears to be a full blown souvenir and vestige from the house of supercars Big Boy Toyz and……..

…. suddenly you begin to wonder about its positive after effects as a result of an unrivaled purchase recorded on your illustrious timeline.

Buy now at:-

Product Details
Model: Rollerball
Material: Carbon Fiber
Color: Black
Trim: Silver Chrome
Shape: Barrel
Length: 135mm x 14mm
Engravings: Big Boy Toyz
Refill: SCHMIDT Safety ceramic roller 888
Box: Box and Cover Box
Price: Rs.1850 + 99 Rs. (Shipping charges in India)


BBT Carbon Fiber Pen

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