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  1. Unknown Facts About Bugatti Veyron to Leave you Stunned

Unknown Facts About Bugatti Veyron to Leave you Stunned

24th April 2017
Unknown Facts About Bugatti Veyron to Leave you Stunned

Main jawaan shook di Bugatti Veyron ji
Main jawaan shook di Bugatti Veyron ji
Je tu iphone warga..

Yes! The singing sensation, Neha Kakkar, has beautifully defined the speed of this piece of marvel in her song, "Love Te Jaguar". Talking about speed without Bugatti would be unfair to the brand as it has gifted us one of the best creations of the world – Bugatti Veyron.

Though its own sibling had snatched away the title of the 'Fastest Production Car of the World', the former's contribution to the automobile industry cannot be denied. Emerged out to be one of the most powerful and beloved car on the planet Earth, Bugatti Veyron has many facts that many of us are unaware about. Let's take a dig at the untold story of the mighty Veyron:

- The energy released from the W16 8-litre engine at its full capacity could provide heat to around 10 homes during winters.

- The radiator used in Veyron takes nearly 15 hours to be build and there are 10 such radiators in a Veyron.

- The brakes of the supercar can resist the heat of up to 1800oC.

- Each Bugatti Veyron’s body can be split into 3 parts only that are held together using merely 14 bolts.

- Like the car, the tyres used in it are also special – Michelin PAX tyres – which cannot be found in other supercars or normal cars. In fact, the rear wheels of Veyron are twice as wide as any other normal car and stands at 14.5 inches. And in case you need to change the tyres of the Veyron, you need to ship it to France and the total cost of the process would exceed $70,000.

- The fuel tank of Bugatti Veyron needs at least 8 days to get welded.

- The deceleration rate to bring down a Veyron to a halt from 100Kmph of speed is lesser than that of the acceleration rate that is 2.5 seconds.

- The fuel pumps used in a Bugatti Veyron are capable of pumping fuel 8 times quicker than that of a normal car.

- At the highest speed of 407Kmph, the tyres of this beast can last for only 15 minutes and even the fuel tank of capacity 26.4 gallon gets empty in just 12 minutes when the car is at its top speed. Also, you will be shocked to know that the air intake of one of the fastest production car of the world at its max speed is 47,000 litres per min. This is the amount of air that a human being breathes in 4 days.

source – Pinterest

- Where a single normal car takes a day time for production, a Bugatti Veyron, on the other hand, takes approximately 6 weeks time to get ready.

- The interior leather of Veyron is the outcome of high-breed cows that are raised at an altitude to avoid any contact with insects. This premium and blemish-free leather is simply flawless and appealing to eyes.

- At a time, only 2 technicians are involved in the making of a Bugatti Veyron so as to give proper attention to each of the minute details and nut and bolts.

- The paint job on each Veyron is done by a German company that worked on Porsche Carrera GT and BMW Z8. To examine the same, it takes nearly 2 days in a light tunnel.

Do you have more such amusing facts about the masterpiece that have not been listed above? What are you waiting for? Just give your valuable input in the comment section below.

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Arun Sunkad

The rear hydrolic brakes of a veyron is made by an airplane company which is much more effective and efficient than front brakes From top speed to rest the disk of veyron gets too hot, actually red hot The tyres of veyron are specially made that it should not slip away or get out at high speed Body of veyron is designed as to suck in maximum amount of air to feed hot engine


Gaurav Dusare

I love buggati but ,There is also one car which is faster than bugatti is koeensegg agira , compare bugati and koensegg on internet you will know


Akash Gupta

Rear spoiler of veyron raises at about 60mph and after that when brakes applied it produces the one third of the total brake force






The only beast will last.


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