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  1. Jacqueline Fernandez's super exotic car garage

Jacqueline Fernandez's super exotic car garage

21st September 2017
Jacqueline Fernandez's super exotic car garage

The Sri Lankan beauty queen tiptoed daintily into Bollywood and into our hearts. Blessed with the physical attributes of a heroine, she quickly made a mark for herself as a successful commercial actress.

Jacqueline Fernandez's super exotic car source - photosfall

With luck favoring Jacqueline Fernandez, the attractive diva has featured in most big budget movies along with supporting many social causes. Her choice of cars is a reflection of her persona- beauty, dependability and reliability.

BMW 5 Series

Jacqueline Fernandez's exotic car source - imgix

Moments turn ecstatic and Joy has no precedence when one comes face to face with the agile and energetic sedan from Bavaria, the BMW 5 Series.

Well these are the feelings and affections that one always associates with the German Beast for it has considerably revolutionized the luxury car market with its athletic and dynamic performance and readily awakens the driver’s instinct within you.

Jacqueline Fernandez's exotic car source - hamaraphotos

Being a staunch preference for the enthusiastic automobilist, the 5 Series has endless reasons to rejoice with one of them being that it is a daily ride option for the renowned Bollywood celebrities.

And it becomes even more tempting to own one.

The grand lady, Jacqueline Fernandez is an ardent brand lover of BMW as her unintended and undying affection for her 525d sedan is pretty evident from the pictures.

A true icon in the making, it has a proven illustrious track record of excelling in all parameters and aspects.

The 5 series is a perfect culmination of sophisticated engineering, technology and craftsmanship at its best.

A design that surely captivates one and all with its mature and elegant stance! The well chiseled and sculpted body makes it look youthful and evergreen despite being in the market for such a long time.
The timeless beauty equipped with the best driver orientated cabin boasts of exceptional and outstanding ergonomics which is sure to make you one with the car.

And an exciting stint with the straight six 3litre diesel engine developing 204bhp will leave you speechless as you’ve just experienced sheer driving pleasure at its best.

At the end of the day, the 5 series is a wise choice and one that is made with the minds considering that it’s a life- long companion and money’s worth.

Maybach S500 V8

the Maybach S 500source - team-bhp

The one supreme and ultimate which has an ever- lasting effect on your senses for all special occasions is none other than the Maybach S 500.

Akin to a red carpet arrival and a flurry of exclamations, the stalwart of excellence from Germany is as extraordinary as you.

An obvious choice for the leading actress!

the Maybach S 500source - theautomotiveindia

It rules your hearts and minds and all secondary choices take a back seat when it comes to choosing the best.

the Maybach S 500source - theautomotiveindia

The Maybach is a sumptuous a la carte affair for the most deserving and successful with its lavish and extravagant interior setup that oozes every bit of opulence and charm while on the move.

As the famous going says “every day has a new beginning, a new blessing and a new hope”, the same holds for the Maybach which startles you with a host of revelations and surprises every time you experience the unmatched back seat ride.

source - theautomotiveindia

A refreshing feeling truly engulfs you as the Maybach’s scintillating cabin experience puts away all speculations and worries at bay for the moment and elevates you to another level with its offerings of all the bells and whistles one could have ever longed for.

source - theautomotiveindia

There’s more in store for you!

The might and gust of the 4.7Litre V8 biturbo motor unleashes in the most exuberant manner on your favourite weekender drives.

A completely enthralling experience!

The best surely get the best and Jacqueline Fernandez has proved it in owning the epitome of unparalleled luxury, elegance and grandeur which is undoubtedly the Maybach S500.

Range Rover Vogue

classic paintings and a Range Rover source - indianexpress

The ace possession for the perfectionists!

Historic buildings, medieval architecture, classic paintings and a Range Rover to complete the list!

That’s the sort of respect and admiration one garners for the British automotive manufacturer which enjoys an immense reputation of producing some of the most time tested vehicles for its discerning buyers. And with such a proven track record and popularity, can the Bollywood Superstars be left behind to quickly get their hands on the classic Range Rover?

Of Course, not!

The mega size flagship Vogue source - ste.india

The mega size flagship Vogue perfectly fits the bill for the glamorous beauty keeping the exclusivity quotient in mind.

The mega size flagship Vogue source - media.emirates247

The famed exterior cues along with the super luxurious interior setup draws positive exclamatory remarks from the well -known critics and reviewers who feel completely mesmerized by a faultless fusion of a retro contemporary approach while admiring this masterpiece. The exhilarating lineup of breathtaking engines further adds to the excitement levels.

Range Rover source - masala

Range Rover being a complete package, comes with the promise of absolutely no compromises and yielding desirable results. It is enticing and intriguing in its own sweet way.

Jacqueline source -

Jacqueline always wanted to act in Hindi films and it seems that the genie of the magical lamp in Aladdin made her wishes come true. The Bollywood industry extended a warm welcome to her and she proved her metal right.

We hope to see more of the gorgeous lady make headlines, just as her cars steal the show when in action at Big Boy Toyz.


Jacqueline Fernandez's car garage, Jacqueline Fernandez's exotic car

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