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  1. The Resplendent soul from Italy: Maserati Ghibli

The Resplendent soul from Italy: Maserati Ghibli

29th November 2017
The Resplendent soul from Italy: Maserati Ghibli

“A look at the bright shining star in the sky was the ultimate bliss till the time an encounter with the fancy upward looking tri spear logo changed it around.”

Maserati Ghibli Carsource - caricos

A deluge of royal feelings and affection awakens to welcome the aristocratic Roman on four wheels from the land of Turin, bearing the classy Trident Logo known as the Maserati Ghibli.

Maserati Ghibli Carsource - caricos

The name is enticing and so is its meaning. It was meant to conquer and surpass all horizons and certainly the Italian engineers have put it to practical terms by taking sole inspiration from the hot dry winds of North Africa. The Ghibli imbibes every little trait of the scorching air that flows past you in a jiffy thereby communicating the intent of keeping you 'to the fore' in the race every time.

Maserati Ghibli Carsource - caricos

The toughest of challenges are conquered with great conviction and instinct and the Ghibli being an epitome of sheer sophistication and elegance portrays the hard work and soul of the mighty Italians put together.

Maserati Ghibli Carsource - caricos

It has made its mark. Have you?
It replicates your stylish personality exuberantly and beckons to be a wishful companion.
The time has arrived to be exclusive.
Because it is extraordinary!

Maserati Ghibli Carsource - caricos

Perfectly imbibing a flawless fusion of emotion and practicality, the marvelous Roman example is a thing of the present with its thoughtful sculpted lines and architecture which involves a great deal of precision and acumen.
From its stylish front end to the monumental side profile, the Ghibli plunges ahead with great force and determination thereby showcasing its pride of being Maserati’s trailblazer of future design conceptualizations.

the hydraulic steering setup

Well, for a car which is so distinct we are certainly not adopting the everyday ceremonial praises (Wow, Ah!) for its interior but aim to give it a very connotation.

Maserati Ghibli Car BBT

“The dazzling and ornate cabin aura has a tasteful essence to hold you hooked all day long together with Maserati’s exemplary work of dexterity on the dashboard that can be paralleled to a renowned artistic piece of work from the historic times”
Your ecstatic stay within makes you go berserk with delight as you take a note of the extravagant features that the Maserati Ghibli has to offer for the most discerning!

Maserati Ghibli Car BBT

The seats snug you well with the quality speaking for itself and you are surely in for a treat when you experience their unprecedented comfort and luxury while on a long adventure trip.

the 8.4 inch touch screen central displaysource - wordpress

There’s more with the 8.4 inch touch screen central display that hosts a flurry of information on tap and seems to be a real deal breaker with its faultless and intuitive functioning mechanism.
The design clock mounted on the dashboard feels splendid and royal which is a strong reminder of the nitty gritty to spice it up the Italian way.

source - imgix

The brisk wind “Ghibli” has a characteristic trait of leaving its everlasting effect of being frightening and terrifying amongst the desert natives of North Africa.

source - you tube

The same holds good for the imposing saloon, not that it scares you with its intense outrage of fearless performance but begs you to unleash the spirited 275 horses from the zealous 3 Litre diesel motor under the hood.
And here comes our first exclamatory response for the day.

source - gtspirit

“The 8 speed ZF automatic transmission imitates the role of your best friend and lets you derive maximum joy and pleasure on a fantasized spirited drive.”

Precise and quick shifting are its main forte that set benchmarks and never once you miss the other brands being in the company of this newcomer.

source - auroraobjects

Let loose your right foot and witness a thrust of force that takes the Ghibli forward with extreme velocity and force. Going on, you will surely record a 0-100 km/h timing of 6.9 seconds and the outburst of raw power will see it reach its zenith at 250 km/h. A meritorious handling machine, then!
Why not!
A 50:50 weight allocation is like a chink in the armor which makes a merry of the erotic twists and turns to be practiced with utmost avidity, of course with the yardstick agility of the rewarding chassis which tackles the corners swiftly.
The surefootedness and confidence of the Ghibli at high speeds is like a long term vow and promise assuring you of its predictable dynamics.

Maserati Ghiblisource - auroraobjects

A praise for the lusty steering setup as it enables you to build a relationship with the Italian Maestro courtesy its reactive and tractable nature much to your liking.
And with the assuring limited rear slip differential on offer (optimizes adequate traction and gripping for the wheels), it’s a world of thrills as you begin to propel some fireworks on your favorite tarmac!
Ah! It keeps you on course and doesn’t let you go off your intended path.

Maserati Ghiblisource - maseratilife

For the keen eye there are a set of goodies beside the fancy gear level and amongst them is the attention seeking ‘SPORT’ button that transcends the ordinary into extraordinary by a vivacious and zesty thrust from the engine, faster gear shifting and for the purists, a loud heartfelt aggressive growl from the exhausts.
Maserati’s Active Sound!!!

source - you tube

Two sound actuators placed near the exhausts communicate the engine’s valor and forcefulness upon pressing the SPORT button.
(If it is Maserati, it has to be different)
Last but not the least, you get the option to shuffle Ghibli’s character between a spirited playboy and a well attired polished gentleman that communicates its versatility.

The optional Skyhook suspension with the adaptive dampers makes for a stiffer setup when a mighty eruption of power and competence is desired. (Button....button)

When comfort takes precedence over everything else, the dampers promulgate their ductile know how to be as soft as a cushion thus making way for the elegant evening ride to your grand destination.

Maserati Ghibli

The Ghibli culminates a fruitful long term affair in the making while empowering you to exude your panache and class with exuberance. It does everything with perfection and excellence and that is typical of the Italians.
And now it is time for you to make a grand entry into the family.
Feel on the top of the world by driving a Maserati.


Maserati Ghibli

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