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  1. The Most Expensive Places in the World to Buy & Own a Car

The Most Expensive Places in the World to Buy & Own a Car

25th November 2016
The Most Expensive Places in the World to Buy & Own a Car

Who doesn't love the feeling of owning their very first car! The feeling is just indescribable. It’s a thing that you’ve dreamt of when you were a child. And, when the time finally comes, it just seems like the wait was well worth it. It could be a very simple family car or it could be a stunning sports car – the feeling remains the same.

But did you know that there are some countries in the world where owning a car is even a bigger deal. Why, you ask? These are the countries where owning a family car could be even more expensive than owning a luxury car here. Shocked? Well, that doesn't make any less true.

The reason for such high prices could be the high taxes or the policies of the government that don't allow as much import of vehicles as there should be.

Would you like to live in these countries? Probably not! Let’s check out which these countries are so before you plan to change your citizenship, you don’t end up choosing them. And the countdown begins:


Supercars in Cuba

Cuba made its transformation to “liberalisation” in 2011. With that it was expected that the prices of commodities might trickle down too. Disappointing as it was, very little progress could be made in the automotive sector. To the present day, it is the state that has all control over the sale of cars. A car like a Peugeot will cost somewhere around Rs. 1,79,92,850. Crazy, right?


Supercars in North Korea

You know, how it’s become almost a necessity for us to own a personal vehicle in the present day and age. Well, that is not the case when we talk about North Korea. Here when you own a car, you automatically fall into the category of “Elite”. This is precisely due to economic problem and restrictions by the government in the region. The country has always had a bad relationship with cars.

Due to restrictions imposed by government, it is not easy to own a car by ordinary people. The only people you would find driving cars in this region are the people with political background or people with deep pockets. Oh, did we forget to mention because of this the prices of cars are outrageous!


Supercars in St. Kitts & Nevis

This is a beautiful island located in West Indies. The roads are so gorgeous you’d want to keep driving. But the sad fact is that the cars here are extremely expensive due to high importing rates. Because of high prices of new cars – this place is all about used cars!

5. UK

Supercars in UK

Surprised to see this name in the list? Well, don’t be. The rates of cars are high, to make it worse, the insurance rates are so over the top that your pockets might force you to leave the place altogether.

The prices are almost double than rest of Europe. One good thing, however, is that you can easily afford used cars. The reason for their cheap price is that nowhere else in Europe, people are right hand drivers.

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Most Expensive Places

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Nitesh singh

It's my dream car...


Nitesh singh

It's my dream car...


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