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  1. The Coolest Police Cars in the World

The Coolest Police Cars in the World

17th April 2017
The Coolest Police Cars in the World

Imagine a typical Bollywood action scene between the Police and the thieves. The “hero” police officer comes out of the car, dusts off his uniform, aims at the bad guy and shoots them one by one. We are all so familiar with this scene aren't we?

But wait a minute, let’s rewind back a little. When the police officer got out of his car, which car did he get out of? The car must be as cool as the cop himself. Let’s help you imagine better- here are the 5 Coolest Police Cars in the World.

1. Dodge Charger (Pursuit Edition): America

This is the real deal when it comes to Police cars. With features like sirens and operating lights, Dodge Charger makes the police look uber cool and this is why this car is most popular with the American cops.

2. Lamborghini Huracan: Italy

Better known as Italian Cops best weapon, Lamborghini Huracan gives bad guys in Italy another reason to fear the police. This happened not very long ago in March 2017, when at a press conference, modified police Huracan was unveiled. This car comes packed with all gadgets that a police will ever need including a tablet computer for the cops!

You can also find a standard issue gun holster, VHF police radio, and a portable extinguisher as well.

3. Nissan GT-R: Abu Dhabi

If you’re a police officer in Abu Dhabi and happen to have a soft spot for cars, then you’re in great luck buddy. Way back in 2009, the police in Abu Dhabi decided that its time they got a Nissan GT-R in service. We can hear the people in Abu Dhabi going all “My Cop Car if faster than your Cop Car”

4. Bugatti Veyron: Dubai

Dubai Police has always been known for its insane collection of cars. With impossibly fast dream cars lining up the streets of Dubai, how can you expect the police to chase in bad guys in cars that don't match? That is exactly why they have added the Bugatti Veyron to their already luxurious collection of Lamborghinis, Audis, Mercedes and more.

5. Maruti Gypsy: India

Wondering what Maruti Gypsy is doing on the list? Well there is no one that does not fear a Maruti Gypsy with a red horn blowing. A thief thinks twice before messing with a police in a Maruti Gypsy.

If you think there is a country with even cooler cars and we did not mention it, then do mention it in the comments!

Comments (2)

Shivam Malhotra

I believe that these days our country has much cooler cars today for Police patrol: 1. Toyota Innovas and Tata Xenon XT : UP Police 2. Tata Safari storme :MP Police 3. Maruti Eartiga : Maharashtra Police (Though it is not a SUV) 4. Ford Ecosport: Andha Police



Abu Dhabi introduces the Lykan HyperSport police vehicle with Ekin Technology Abu Dhabi Police has a brand new weapon in the fight against crime… the most technologically advanced patrol car in the universe. It was in June 2015 when the Abu Dhabi Police Force officially added to its patrol cars the exclusive Lykan HyperSport.

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