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  1. BMW 7 Series – The Luxury at its BEST

BMW 7 Series – The Luxury at its BEST

01st February 2016
BMW 7 Series – The Luxury at its BEST

The flagship sedan from BMW 7 series has carved its own niche in the luxury car market. Introduced in late 70's, the car has been a launch platform for all the cutting edge tech and luxury features, though it is surely aimed at the TOP STRATA of the luxury car buying clientele who are tech savvy as well as luxury carving. The car retains the sportiness character to an extent and it is rewarding either to take the car for a spin when you are in the mood to get behind the wheel, or when you urge to lounge on the supremely comfortable heated and ventilated rear leather seats.


The BMW designs are never overly dramatic, and have an understated elegance that is appreciated by many. The new 7 series is not an exception to this. The exterior is tastefully done up in a conservative manner so that no one finds the design offensive. The front is dominated by a large BMW signature twin kidney grill (which also manages the airflow for greater efficiency and is called Active Kidney Grill), and the side profile is spruced up by the beautiful beltline and the sculptured air breather. The car can be shod with either 19-inch or 20-inch wheels, adding to the visual sensation. The rear gets a subtle chrome accent bar.


The interior is another story of wellbeing and comfort though – Step inside and the driver is greeted with a well-proportioned meaty steering wheel and a 12.3-inch HIGH DEFINITION DRIVER CLUSTER. There are acres of finest quality leather and wood and lovingly sculptured metal switchgears. The headliner can be kitted with a Sky lounge LED roof that has more than 15,000 individual etchings and 6 ambient light colors to give you the beautiful experience of grazing at a starlight sky.

The rear legroom is up by an inch and now offers better rear seat leg room than competitors. The rear can be decked up with a number of packages, if you prefer to spend more time at the rear. The car gets heated arm rests (for both front and rear), in addition to the heated and ventilated seats. The rear can be spiced up with a massage function and something called as VITALITY FUNCTION, which as per BMW, will revitalize your body by engaging the passengers in active training during long journeys.

The rear is kitted with an executive lounge seating package that elevates the cabin to first class level. Such packages give the rear passengers extra leg room, footrest, fold out table, extra cup holders and even a separate storage space. You can personalize the air you breathe by selecting the Ambient Air Package, which ionizes and purifies the air and peppers it with your preferable fragrance, from an available list of eight.


BMW 7 Series Advance-Features Source:

There are many industry first enhancements that take this 7 series to a different plane altogether. The car is equipped with the latest version of iDrive and comes with gesture control as standard. With a wave of your hand or with a twirl of your finger, now you can control the iDrive that can change songs, accept or reject a call – for example, you can accept an incoming call by pointing your finger at the infotainment system while a dismissive wave of your wrist reject the call.

You can program a two-finger point to do a host of things, like playing your favorite track, setting your favorite destination in the navigation system, or even making a call to a particular number – the possibilities are wide. The rear passenger gets a removable 7 inch touchscreen to control the parameters of the car. The 7 series is equipped with 5 different ways to interact with the iDrivethe gesture control, voice commands, touch screen, the rear tablet and the standard knob.

Another driver assistance innovation is the Display key – it is much more than just a key for the car. This key comes with a touchscreen and provides all the vital information at your fingertips – like open window or door positions, estimated range and fuel status; and comes with wireless charging – you just need to drop this in the wireless charging pocket in the front console and it will be charged automatically. This wireless charging can be utilized by your smartphone also. Moreover, you can also park your car fully automatically using this key fob.


The car also comes with studio grade sound system from Bowers&Wilkins, which has 16 speakers and employ Diamond tweeter dome technology with Nautilus design, which helps to reduce resonance while maximizing the clarity.


BMW 7 Series Safety-Features Source:

The car comes with a truck load of safety systems. Sample this – this car can steer by itself, can reduce or increase cruising speed according to the limits, can brake automatically to avoid collisions – to put it in a nutshell, this car can do anything and everything we think about – well, almost. The ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL uses data from navigation system and cameras that read the signs and reminds the driver about the change in speed limits – the driver can accept it by either pushing the speed up or down button and the car will adjust the speed automatically.

The car can keep self-steer centered in its lane itself, for speeds of up to 210kmph, and comes with rear cross traffic alert, pedestrian detection and forward collision warning with auto braking, lane departure warning and prevention, etc. If the car detects a lane change move or detects another vehicle in the adjacent lane, it will warn the driver by giving feedback through steering wheel, and can correct the course of the car automatically to avoid collision.

The automatic parking is another tech jewel the BMW 7 series flagship sedan comes with – you can whip out the display key fob and can use it to park the car or reverse it from the parking lot or from a garage, while you are outside.


The sheer size of the BMW 7 series will make one think that this car will gently waft but will wallow around corners – but think not. The car comes with a revolutionary carbon core – most of the unibody and the center tunnel are made of carbon fiber and this have helped BMW to save the weight (the car have lost around 90kgs of weight compared to the previous generation) and have kept the center of gravity low, allowing the car to be nimble and quicker.

The car boasts adjustable suspension components, has adaptive driving modes and even has an Active Comfort Drive system, with combined Road Preview that adjusts the chassis according to the data obtained from navigation system for optimal comfort.


BMW 7 Series  Engine Source:

The car is powered by a revised 4.4-liter V8 with 2 twin scroll turbos, with peak outputs at 445hp and 480 lb-ft of power and torque, respectively. This engine is mated to a state-of-the-art ZF make 8-speed automatic transmission. There is also a 3.0-liter V6 on offer that churns out 330hp, and will do duty on lower spec models.

With this 7 series, BMW has incorporated the magic that was missing from the previous generation, and the car has all the bells and whistles and comes with the old school BMW genes – the car do not feel like a lifeless computer controlled luxury liner, but more like a magic carpet that can steer and pamper you alike. The 7 series by BMW will be displayed during the Auto Expo in February 2016, and will be one of the main attractions of the BMW stall.


BMW 7 Series

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