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  1. The Most Expensive Places in the World to Buy & Own a Car: Sequel

The Most Expensive Places in the World to Buy & Own a Car: Sequel

28th November 2016
The Most Expensive Places in the World to Buy & Own a Car: Sequel

If you’re a Car Junkie, there are some places in the world where you just don’t want to end up living! The prices of cars are so high here, that they leave us breathless. We have made our minds, we are not shifting to these places anytime soon. What do you say? In the previous blog, we discussed some of these places, here we bring you the top four most expensive countries in the world to Own and Buy a car. Don’t say you weren't warned.



Insanely high cost of labor, taxes, and scarce availability of spare parts, makes Brazil a country where automobile is not easy to afford. To help you understand better, let’s compare: A Corolla that cost around $16,000 in the Unites States of America will cost around $25,000 here. So, if you ever have plans on living in this country, don’t say you weren’t warned.



If you happen to be at this place, we’d advise you to not buy a car here. Paying more than thousands of dollars for a 20 year old beater, how ridiculously high the prices are! No, we’re not kidding.



The average starting rate for cars is around $60,000. So if you’ve known a person who owns a car in Indonesia, you now will know how wealthy they actually are!



If you’re a car junkie and living in Singapore, we really feel for you! Singapore has been considered by many, as one of the worst places to buy and own a car in the world. In fact, if you buy a Prius from Toyota (a small hybrid electric car) here, be prepared to shell out around $154,000 very easily. Regulations by government such as putting a 100% tax make it extremely hard to buy a car here.

Every country has its own rules and regulations and it’s really hard to find a place as perfect as heaven. Commuting has really become a worldwide issue considering the heavy traffic jams and long travelling time. To curb this menacing issue, these countries surely have taken a smart step but will it prove to be effective, only the time will tell.



Most Expensive Places

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