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Looking to buy a used Toyota car ? Well, look no more…

Toyota is another word for reliability and so is our inventory.

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Toyota car

Now a household name, Toyota first came into being as automated loom business, which was later sold to provide capital for its automobile business. It was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda. Headquartered in Aichi, Japan, Toyota owns only two luxury car brands that are, Lexus and Scion. Although, it owns only two luxury car brands, it is the largest company in the world in terms of revenue.

Not only does Toyota provides quality but also variety. It has the most variegated lineup of cars and each model differs from the other. Keeping environmental problems in mind, Toyota aims to bring out vehicles that run through hydrogen fuel cell technology and that too, in a large number. The car is expected to be launched in the market in 2016. Toyota has surpassed VW and GM in terms of its production and is the most popular brand in the International car market as well as in the market of cars in India.

Depot of Pre-Owned Toyota Cars

Toyota is undoubtedly the most trusted car brand. Subordinates’ ideas and behavior tells a lot about the owner. Instead of copying German car makers for designs, Lexus, wholly owned by Toyota, comes up with its own authentic design for its car models. A luxury everyone would want to experience, purchasing a Toyota Car is not an easy business. Cars by this brand because of their quality and performance are highly expensive.

Although not everyone can buy a new Toyota model, one can always look for a used Toyota car. The word ‘used’ might scare you but what if you get the features, quality and performance of a brand new one in the pre-owned Toyota car and that too at the best price? Well yes, you read it right. There exist a one stop platform wherein you can sell and purchase pre-owned luxury cars without compromising on the performance and quality of the vehicle.

Based out of Delhi we take great pride in helping our customers make smart decisions and buy reliable, sturdy pre-owned luxury cars ensuring that the quality of the cars is never compromised. At Big Boy toyz, our aim has always been to make available the cars at best prices to our customers.

  • Prado

    - This land cruiser has plenty of room. A 7-seater car, Prado comes with two options: Front Engine, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Prado is a six cylinder model equipped with V6 engine and is a good choice as both off-road and on-road vehicle.
  • Land Cruiser

    - Produced in various versions like convertible, wagon and SUV, Land Cruiser serves as off-road vehicle. A four-wheel drive vehicle, Land Cruiser is tested in Australian outback before it being put on sale as it is believed that Australia offers the toughest tracks in terms of temperature and terrain.

Second Hand Toyota, a smart choice

With its quality, Toyota cars are going places. It is a ruling car brand worldwide. Toyota not only sells cars but also sponsors games and education. Because Toyota is a package of perfection, its products come at very high prices.

So owning a second hand Toyota car can be a good option, provided you buy it from a trusted and authorized dealer and Big Boy Toyz can be your first choice. We offer a wide range of used luxury cars, but at the same time we also focus on the quality and performance of the vehicle at an affordable price.

Considered the leading player in the market of used luxury cars, Big Boy Toyz buyer’s list includes many big shots from the industry. This is because we put our customer at the top. Cars in our Delhi NCR showrooms undergo a stringent process of checking and are well certified and verified before they are put on sale. Now it’s your turn to decide where you would like to invest your hard earned money.

So, hurry up, before it’s too late!

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