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  1. Aston Martin and 007: An unimpeachable bond through the ages!

Aston Martin and 007: An unimpeachable bond through the ages!

06th November 2015
Aston Martin and 007: An unimpeachable bond through the ages!

James Bond. MI6. Aston Martin. There’s just something so symphonic that you would think that they came into being at the same time. While many of us have seen Agent 007 blaze around in Aston Martin’s over the years, the British automotive brand is seldom discussed in peer groups, with its German and Italian counterparts basking all the limelight.

Having had the pleasure of recently visiting Big Boy Toyz at M.G. Road who provide pre-owned Aston Martin cars, this peerless beauty of a car has caught my fancy like never before! The other thing that I observed during that visit was that the folks at BBT not only understand the lineage of the brand, they endorse it very religiously! The used Aston Martin cars they have on offer are well maintained from the inside out, with attention to each and every tiny detail. In fact, they are so spic and span, that if you were to see one of them on the road, you are most likely to pass them off as practically brand new!

Aston Martins are unparalleled in the context that not only are they impressive on the performance front, they possess an iconic cinematic legacy which is practically unrivaled. While the brand came into being in 1913, it was only by 1947 that the ship steadied under the leadership of Sir David Brown.

The love affair between the flamboyant and suave spy and the indigenously luxurious sports car began in 1964 with the ‘Gold finger’ where Sean Connery drove the Aston Martin DB 5. Since then, both the spy and the machine of his choice have evolved, with the likes of V8 Vantage, Vanquish and DBS gracing the screen. The last movie in the franchise, Daniel Craig starrer ‘Sky fall’ (2012) was an ode to the original DB 5 and its beautiful fine lines as he drove the beauty all the way back to his home in Scotland. And if spy shots are to be believed, then the upcoming ‘Spectre’ will boast of the latest in line DB10.

While that might have refreshed the 007-Aston Martin combination over the years, the essence of this relationship has been the rise in prominence of a sports car brand unlike any other. And it doesn't show any signs of waning!


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Kartik raperia

The name Aston martin declares everything when I listen it's name a concept of car in which everything is just perfect power crunch luxury meets to latest superior design when I remember its ethnic versions just think the perfect one in its time from a long time back till now maintained its own class and legacy that no one can pass through but I always think of it as my dream supercar but sometimes thinks that there are no such type of supercars bcoz dream needs money that I don't have now but in coming years I will try very hard to achieve the delicacy that can afford it and then want a long time to spent on a voyage in my dream car as I have seen in different TV channels many superstars singers directors producers actors are using these type of supercar delicacy that they buy from bbt (big boys toyz)I think there is nothing more delight to just buy a supercar from bbt as I have seen from years bbt has maintained a class of different dream cars for different personalities but as being a 15yrs old teenager what can I hope just wanted to visit bbt showroom to see my dream with my nude eyes so I can believe that there is something having that much perfection on the earth I just need one opportunity to prove my self that I am a true car head there nothing excities me more trust me just the grunching noise of that beast that I in my dreams every last night the hunger of driving in me never gets tired even in hard times don't no if this gonna happen or not if I am going to own my dream or not but just want to see it once if it can be possible my heart will get new beats to spend more of my life by seeing those exotic cars I want to spend my life there is just nothing more delight full than spending a life full of supercars not just to do show off but just to get relaxed on long trips with my small family and days to spend on a trip just want to say I just need one my dream come true that's all I want from bbt. Thank. You


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