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  1. Jaguar XJL Portfolio: Want anything more?

Jaguar XJL Portfolio: Want anything more?

06th November 2018
Jaguar XJL Portfolio: Want anything more?

“An Epitome of supreme grandeur and Luxury”

Jaguar XJL Portfoliosource - Throttle Blips

We indeed at Big Boy Toyz feel obliged to give it an imperial introduction!
Make way for the all new Jaguar XJL
A sleek, modern and sophisticated offering from the leaping cat’s stable!
The XJL with its gorgeous looks on a first glimpse qualifies to be a perfect blend of sportiness and dynamism.
It merits a heartfelt description!
Tempting is its presence and lively is its company!

twin J blade LEDs source - Throttle Blips

The wide front fascia together with the striking twin J blade LEDs conveys the hot shot aggressive and menacing stance.

Jaguar XJL Portfoliosource - Throttle Blips

The elongated and stretched side profile, the grand silhouette and the sloping roofline indeed portray Jaguar’s innovative design language and philosophy which truly makes the suave flagship saloon justify the poles apart presentiment for the top notch choicest.

Jaguar XJL Portfoliosource - Throttle Blips

The big and brawny XJL never feels too old and has a stately and gracious aura to exude its charismatic appeal!
Almost every offering from Jaguar strives to create an emotional connect with the brand’s ardent followers and so it was for us with the XJL too. The design language is one to reckon with and slowly grows on you along with entangling you in a series of adorations for the crown jeweled Brit. One can’t help but admire the flashy and ostentatious body curves that step up well for…… “The wished for revered stature”!

Jaguar XJL Portfoliosource - Throttle Blips

And to talk about its interior layout, we will probably fall short of words to glorify and sing the song of praises for it! A 7 star lounge like feeling encapsulates you in supreme comfort leaving one wanting for more.
It is truly an occasion to be relived every time one enters the XJL’s cabin and courtesy that even the minutest of details have been well looked after for giving rise to a perfect sublime feeling.

Jaguar Drive Selector source - Throttle Blips

A royal home away from home!
The exquisite layout speaks opulence and is a perfect getaway for people who have a true blue peregrine penchant for things. The cutting edge technology, modern age dashboard and the finest quality of wood inserts and leather seats is sure to transcend one’s expectations to a whole new level.
From the skillful rising of the Jaguar Drive Selector from the central console, to the impeccable ambience coupled with one of the most superlative working instrumentations of all time, there’s bound to be a strike with awe with the spellbinding setup on the inside that is a big revelation in itself.

paradisiac waysource - Throttle Blips

XJL’s rear bench arrangement is one among the singular symbolic that makes you feel regal and kingly whenever you choose to be chauffeured the paradisiac way.

Meridian sound systemsource - Throttle Blips

Add to that the Meridian sound system which overwhelms with a throw of crystal clear music thus providing a soothing effect to one’s senses after a heavy day at the boardroom.

advanced touch screen control source - Throttle Blips

For the technology inquisitive, the advanced touch screen control in the centre imbibes a flurry of smartphone and tablet like gestures doing a host of honors to their knowledge seeking tune ups.
Loaded and packed to the brim, the XJL awaits to bestow a ray of indulgence and luxury for the most deserving.

Jaguar XJLsource - Throttle Blips

And now the time has arrived to witness the leaping cat’s true genetics! We mean to say that what actually it is best known for- power, nimbleness, swiftness, adeptness etc. and a short healthy dose of its engine potentiality is more than sufficient enough to communicate the speedy efficacy and potency.
So what is in store for us today?

3 Litre turbocharged diesel motorsource - Throttle Blips

A stupendous and breathtaking 3 Litre twin turbocharged diesel motor that comes across as a well stuffed brunch with regard to its meritorious streak of outright performance and capability.

3 Litre turbocharged diesel motorsource - Throttle Blips

So pondering over the “two of a kind” diesel offerings from the rivals can very well take a back seat for now as the spitfire XJL’s inherent ferocious gust of thrust is a vivid form of raw rush and eruption of a propulsive force for sending the eager performer ahead with a tag of dominance and authority.

The mind boggling 296bhp on tap brims with urgency to be let loose in the open and when a given a chance, it propels the XJL from 0-100km/h in a worth reckoning 6.2 seconds and sees it go undeterred to its top speed of 250 km/h.
Piggybacking the elation is the 8 speed gearbox……..that feels quick and is keen with its shifting and instills a sense of certainty in your mind that it is in fact the distinguished kid on the block which will give you no cause to frown or fret.
Driving the timeless English icon in town was indeed a dream come true. The way it transforms its character and soul from a pliant cruiser to a mighty endurance runner raring to go is rather exhilarating. Make a note of its effortless agility and on road exhibition of prowess which are simply next to none.
One more add-on for the day!
The XJL has an excellent power to weight ratio accentuating its dynamism and credit needs to be given to the all- aluminum monocoque chassis that catapults its precise and sharp handling.

The trump card is yet to be unveiled!

Jaguar XJLsource - Throttle Blips

“Ah! There’s something special with the ritzy and plush XJL aping a sophisticated gentleman’s walk in the park when it cruises in a subtle fashion down the town street.”
So refined and cultured.
What more?
The racer boy within you is willing to explore the unexplored potential of this fastidious machine. (Twists n turns in the making)
So how come the XJL serves these two varied purposes commendably?
It does the rolling with punches to your preferred driving style!
Well there’s a tech savvy idea working hard behind the curtains.

Adaptive Dynamicssource - Throttle Blips

The main doer ‘Adaptive Dynamics’ System acts as a watchdog by steadfastly monitoring the “in process happenings” up to 500 times a second….commendable it is.
Have you heard it for the first time for a top honor record keeping!
Come on, you must have got a grasp of it early on.
Further, further!!!!
Working in tandem with the air suspension, it electronically adjusts the damping to provide an optimum fusion between comfort, refinement and sportiness.
Wow! Now this is something.

That’s not it.

The engaging Jaguar Drive Control enables you to awaken the fiery cat for a thrilling ride full of intensity and vehemence (are you thinking about the savage Dynamic Mode? We bet you’ll be doing for quite some time now!)
The winter mode on offer acts as a custodian by assuring an upper hand for the uneasy slippery conditions.
Remarkable, isn’t it!
Hold on!
‘One more in there’ in the exhaustive list!

All Surface Progress Controlsource - Throttle Blips

The unique ‘All Surface Progress Control’ feature helps the XJL to deal with low traction situations effectively. It is a low speed cruise medium operating in the speed range of between 3.6km/hr and 30 km/hr which enables the driver to concentrate on steering the vehicle precisely and accurately irrespective of the weather and tarmac conditions. And you’ll be on an extolment spree for its nifty pull away function that allows the XJL to move steadily away from the unpredictable “like a skating rink” surfaces with utmost ease along with the reassuring hill descent control that gets its own share of positives.

The XJL, a definite all- rounder possesses the capability to melt your heart and comes out on top on almost every parameter thereby adding more feathers to its cap. A High five from us!
Despite being in the market for such a long time and undergoing slight modifications, XJL’s design still looks fresh and appealing much to the envy of its German competitors.

The most important justification finally comes!

grand XJL source - Throttle Blips

The grand XJL has got everything to showcase the ornamental embellishing which the famous insignia possesses in abundance…..
The leaping cat’s majestic offering at the end of the day feels exceptional, distinguished and elusive which indeed is a favorable turning point in Jaguar’s arsenal.

Way to go for the legendary English brand!


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