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Looking to buy a used Jaguar car ? Well, look no more…

A beast waiting to be untamed. Get a used Jaguar in a perfect condition at reasonable prices and unleash the beast within. Enjoy a luxury experience with a used car from our collection.


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Jaguar car

Jaguar, like its namesake, delivers performance enveloped in speed. It not only stands for its opulence or grandeur but for belongingness too. The vehicles produced by this British automaker are more about passion that cannot be measured materialistically but can be felt. So it is better to say that Jaguar cars are now owned but loved. A new jaguar or a used Jaguar, both doesn’t fail to deliver a luxurious and comfortable experience.

At Jaguar, the designers and engineers have always put their best output to deliver an amalgamation of exquisite design and heart rending performance to keep alive the long heritage of excellence full of pride. The cars own that charm to spellbind your senses just with one look at them. Not only Britishers but almost every human being around the globe holds respect, love and a special place in their minds and hearts. The love story of Jaguar and Land Rover started when the India based Tata Motors, in the year 2008, acquired the two Marques from Ford and combined them into one. Jaguar used car is still a Jaguar. So, it’s safe to say a used Jaguar is still a beast on the road.

Jaguar Land Rover under the parentage of Tata Motors, since then, has flourished by introducing groundbreaking automotive machines with pioneering technologies, thus strengthening its roots in the strengthening its strengthening its roots in the market of cars in India and worldwide.

We have the best inventory for second hand Jaguar Cars

Though you will find many luxurious brands for sale in the used car market right from Audi to Lamborghini, searching used Jaguar cars cannot be that easy as it is very difficult for a Jaguar owner to handover his/her passion and love to someone unknown. The company has always believed that if there is a thing that you can create close to something that is alive, it is the car and Jaguar owns excellence in producing masterpiece.

As not all are born with silver spoon in their mouth, it is not wrong to say that Jaguar is beyond the reach of those who do not enjoy the status of being filthy rich. But is it that so? The answer is a complete NO because with the flourishing used car market in the world, getting your hands on a second hand Jaguar will not be a big deal and that to at the best price. The second thing that troubles the mind is the performance of the second hand car and it is absolutely right to check all the pros and cons before investing your hard earned money.

There are many players present in the market involved in the dealing of second hand cars but Big Boy Toyz is the name that is far away from the game of numbers. Being the leading player in the pre-owned luxury cars market in Delhi, Big Boy Toyz make sure that all its customers have a satisfactory smile on their face for the service rendered to them. All the luxury machines present at our showroom in Gurgaon or at our studio in Delhi are fully approved, certified and verified by the authorized bodies so that no space is left for any doubt to creep in.

  • Jaguar XF

    - XF is a mid-sized luxury saloon that is popularly known for its effortless performance, refined engineering and award winning innovative design. The XE and XF sedans have been based on the new engine and replaced with the 2.0-litre Turbo Tanker from Ford owned by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) prior to Tata. The new engine is designed in-house.
  • Jaguar XJ

    - It is a breathtaking combination of beauty, all-round refinement and above all power. This flagship sedan by Jaguar is your perfect companion for long yet a relax drive. The XJ is a perfect sedan, regardless of how you see it. It can hardly fit into our car park as it is over 5.2 meters long and nearly 2 meters wide. The Jaguar XJ50 special edition is something symbolic.
  • Jaguar XK

    - Blessed with the heart and soul of a sports car, Jaguar XK is a grand tourer available in the form of a coupe as well as a soft-top convertible. 1 petrol engine is available in the Jaguar XK. The fuel engine is 5000 cc. The automatic transmission is available. The XK has a mileage of 6.06 to 6.7 kmpl, depending on the version and type of fuel.
  • Jaguar F-Type

    - This luxury sports car is designed and engineered to deliver exhilarating performance and instinctive speed at every movement. The Jaguar F-Type is a beautifully built car with a decent look and a fascinating performance. 2 Petrol Engines are available in the Jaguar F-TYPE. 1997 cc and 5000 ccs are petrol engines. The automatic transmission is available.
  • Jaguar XE

    - Jaguar XE carries the legacy of the brand that stands for its passion for innovation, creativity and dynamic design. It is most efficient, advanced and redefined sports saloon that has strengthened the position of Jaguar as a respected car brand worldwide. 1 petrol engine is available for the Jaguar XE. 1997 cc is the petrol engine. The automatic transmission is available.

Invest in a pre-loved, pre-owned Jaguar

It is world known that the British luxury brand, Jaguar, crafts each of its products with utmost care, love, precision and above all perfection. Each model is built to adhere to the level of excellence set by Jaguar and is able to live up to the expectations of the loyal fan base by meeting the set standards. The ones who purchase Jaguar must know that they are buying a piece of British history dipped in the cream of innovative technology.

BBT offers you with a wide inventory of used Jaguar cars at a reasonable price. If you have now made your mind to buy a second hand Jaguar then without wasting a single minute, just hop into the Big Boy Toyz studio in New Delhi to get the real touch of your dream car. You will also be assisted with financial help, if you need so, and the automotive experts present there will satisfy all your queries related to the product and the purchase process.

The big cat, Jaguar, has a lot to offer and it simply doesn't purr it roars!

Why BBT for your pre-owned beast, a used Jaguar?

Big Boy Toyz has a wide collection of used Jaguar with a beast yet a smooth engine like a real Jaguar. We make sure that our used Jaguar cars are in a pristine condition and undergo several tests before we put it out for sale. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and providing you with the best service is our job. All at a reasonable price. So, what’s holding you back? Visit our showrooms today. We are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and many other locations.

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