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Jaguar XE is a small and luxurious sports sedan from the British car manufacturer is the result of the pure passion for innovation, creativity, and dynamic design. The qualities that a car enthusiast looks for in a car that can rule any terrain are perfectly expressed in Jaguar XE that uses more than 75% of the aluminum for its robust body and thus leave behind many of its rivals when its comes to safety and toughness.

The new Jaguar XE is all tamed to deliver an agile handling, a responsive and precise steering and above all a thrilling performance. The lightweight construction of this beast is well amalgamated with a sophisticated touch of chassis technology, which altogether work to give an outstanding driving dynamics to its end users.

Pre-Owned Jaguar XE on Sale – Are you Interested?

The word "used cars" is still a taboo in our Indian society where buying a second-hand car is still considered to be a low-class job but slowly this perception is coming to its end point as the used luxury car market in India is blooming at a very good pace and is soon going to capture a good share in the automobile industry. Seeing the growing profit in the segment many companies have started trying their luck in this industry, which includes OLX too, but an experienced player can't be beaten by the novices and same is the case with Big Boy Toyz.

A leading and trusted name in the pre-owned luxury car market in India, the Delhi-based Big Boy Toyz is the pioneer in this industry which took the step to bridge the gap between the car enthusiasts and their lady love (exotic cars here), which earlier was almost impossible due to their unavailability in this region. And when it comes to the quality and performance of the car, we make sure that you don't have to compromise in any aspect, be it the speed or the deliverability of the features and gears. Each car at our showroom has a history of thorough check up and are fully verified and certified by the authorities before being put on sale so that you don't get the fear of being cheated while dealing with us.

Second Hand Jaguar XE Waiting for You

We know that by now you are ready to get your own Jaguar XE standing right in front of your door and making your neighbors envious of your decision. But before you proceed with further formalities, we would like you to take a small peep into the ostentatious world of Jaguar XE:

Driving Dynamics: The aluminium-intensive architecture along with responsive steering deliver exceptional performance, all thanks to the innovative engineering technologies, which include Integral link rear suspension, Double wishbone front suspension, Electric power assisted steering, All surface progress control et al.

Lightweight Aluminium Architecture: Jaguar XE has very smartly managed to shred off its weight without compromising its toughness and durability. It helps in achieving an optimum weight distribution of 50:50 (approx.).

Torque Vectoring: Now feel free to apply brake even at the tightest corners as the Torque vectoring helps in maximizing the control over the brakes. It provides controlled independent braking on the rear and front wheels separately.

Jaguardrive Control: It offers various drive modes, which include Eco, Normal, Rain Ice Snow or Dynamic mode, which individually and subtly changes the steering and throttle mapping. Eco mode focuses more into fuel efficient driving whereas the Rain Ice Snow mode mechanically dampens acceleration to provide more traction on the slippery terrains.

So fully energized to bring home your lady love? Visit the Big Boy Toyz showroom at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway now to book your model before the offer is grabbed by someone else!