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Jaguar is known for its performance because they follow the 'art of performance.' If performance is art, then Jaguar is Picasso of it.

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Jaguar XE was announced to launch in 2014 but launch worldwide in 2015. It is manufactured and marketed by the Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar XE was designed by Ian Callum. The design of Jaguar XE looks sporty from all sides, you get a black front grille with the logo on the middle. The two thin headlamps go well with the Jaguar XE look. From the side view, you get to observe that Jaguar XE is short in length and sloppy back. You can observe the sloppy back in few models of Jaguar too. At the rare, you get a two-tail lamp with the exhaust pipe, and an electronic button opening boot. So, compliments to Ian Callum for making a sedan look like a coupe. Overall, a powerpack compact body Jaguar car.

The interior looks simple but lavish. You get little features in the interior. It is good! Because after 5-10 years many premium features get outdated. Due to minimal features, you won't feel you are driving an old car after few years. So, you get little legroom that is enough for rear sitting passengers. At the front, the dashboard and setup look sporty. You get a digital instrument cluster and infotainment system, through which you can operate many premium features and information about the Jaguar XE. The steering looks perfect and a wide panoramic sunroof. At the boot, you get enough space, whereas, you get an emergency wheel. Overall, the interior is soft-touch at every point.

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You have made a good choice of going for Jaguar XE. There is a plethora of safety such as blind-spot monitors, head-up displays, airbags, adaptive cruise, parking assist, and forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency braking. Those, not just safety measures for you, but also your drive, and your luxury car. It will protect you in a different situation and every moment. Although so much in one compact body you get. Then, it won't you get in economical. The price of Jaguar XE will seal your pocket. But, we always stand with you and your choices.

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