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  1. Take the World Head-On with the new Freelander 2 by Land Rover!

Take the World Head-On with the new Freelander 2 by Land Rover!

13th January 2016
Take the World Head-On with the new Freelander 2 by Land Rover!

Land Rover never disappoints its loyal fan-base and the new Freelander 2 is not an exception. It is everything you expect from a ROVER. It gives you -
1. Space
2. Flexibility
3. Capacity

Land Rover comes from the trusted brand of Jaguar and hence, one can be sure of their expectations being fulfilled.

Rightfully then, the car is built for almost any kind of road. Irrespective of how tough the road is, the Freelander will take you through. The car has the capability to survive in the hottest temperatures and in the worst possible weather conditions. You aren't going to experience another car like this one.

What's more! While it takes the tough road, it will ensure you have a smooth ride. Its control systems are enriching enough and will work in tandem to ensure that the passengers and the driver are a happy bunch. Formally though, it reduces engine torque by consequently improvising the traction. The force applied to the wheel is also different, owing to the reduction in torque thus, making the ride as SMOOTH as it can get.

Nothing can get better than having a spacious car combined with good controls. The capacity of the trunk ranges from 755-litres to around 1670-litres, which means you can travel hassle-free with as much luggage as you like. Moreover, it provides the safest possible journey for one and all. It stabilizes the roll and comes with an unusually high number of airbags. No wonder, it is the most trusted car when it comes to occupant protection and road safety.

From the green kutcha Jungles to mountainous terrains, you can take your Freelander 2 anywhere. Like a true friend, it won't betray your trust and leave you to fend for yourself. The car has been pushed to maximum limits while testing and this means that the consumer is completely free of the burden or the worry whether the car will work or not in certain conditions.

Right from a winter that is -40 degree Celsius to a summer that goes beyond 50 degree Celsius, the Freelander has had it all. Not only these, it has also been tested at extremely high altitudes and it has worked just fine.

It moves triumphantly like a turbine beauty clearing roads with fierce might whilst moving forward with comfortable smoothness and pace. Its arrival and departure make a casual announcement that is hard to ignore. As usual, the firm has built it using innovative technology and everyone who drives it, just can't stop singing praises of the car. As long as it's worth it, everyone is listening keenly!

It will work wonders on the following surfaces -
1. Tarmac
2. Gravel
3. Sand
4. Snow

Yes, you read it right! The car will show you what it's made up of on nearly every surface that exists. Be it the downward slopes of a mountain or a smooth and flat highway. Unlike other vehicles, there are system controls that help you move downwards easily without applying constant brakes. This Rover is packed with controls specifically meant for downward slopes along with a technology that automatically releases gradients that causes better fiction.

Sadly, a lot of luxury cars don't have a lot of focus on the music. However, Freelander 2 beats them all. After all, what is the point of a luxury car without some loud and happy music?

The music systems come from Meridian Audio Ltd., with which Land Rover has a tie-up. A surround sound system is fitted into the car so you can head-bang to the coolest songs while you drive.

Thus, one might conclude that the car uses smart and modern day technology. At the same time, it doesn't lose its traditional strength whilst adhering to the generation's need for small. Yes, the car is small but not too small, thereby giving you enough space to store whatever you like.

It catches up with the modern day consumer while keeping its style and USP intact. It is definitely one of the many historical marketing moves as not many firms get to do this. One of the obvious notable changes that the car has made to its revamped model is in the shape of headlights and backlights. The finishing of the bonnet and that of the front grill is equally enticing. It is very easy to lose yourself into the beauty and unpredictability of this car.

Yet, with the kind of specs that the Freelander 2 comes, you'd expect nothing less! It is barely 220cms x 174cms when it comes to height and width. Moreover, you can reduce the width by 19 more centimeters by merely folding the mirrors. Thus, the car is small enough to pass through areas that are full of traffic. The luggage space is tremendous at 755-litres. You can keep anything from cycles to chairs inside the car.

The fuel consumption level of this luxobarge is more or less economical as it consumes less than 13-litres of fuel in a kilometre. Moreover, it has a powerful TD4 engine mated to 6-speed tranny, producing a peak torque of 420Nm and maximum power of 147.51bhp that will literally make your heart go zoom as you sit behind the wheel.

When it comes to an SUV, turning it can be quite an issue but the Freelander provides you with a 2.58m torque and that too at the size of 11.3m whilst turning from one end to the other. This makes turning an extremely smooth process on city roads and even smoother on rough and rare terrains.

When one is beating this beauty to their way with complete smoothness, it is only fair to be accompanied by a beautiful song. The Meridian Audio Systems with surround sound ensures that you enjoy great music through the woods, the mountains and the highways. After all, music has inspired quite a bunch of people to turn to the roads less travelled.

The warmth of music will make you feel like you are a part of it. The surround sound comes with a 17-speaker arrangement and it definitely can't get better than that. It provides you with various radio options and you can also utilize the car controls to retrieve driver information from the speakers. Thus, all-in-all, Land Rover's Freelander 2 is convenient, powerful and easy to handle.


Freelander 2

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