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  1. The Enraged One

The Enraged One

06th November 2015
The Enraged One

As the world moves on to the lucid logic and intuitive feel being worked into things mechanical with electronic control, what hope does the diehard enthusiast have when it comes to breed we know, as the super car?

Super car comes in all shapes and sizes. The question is what constitutes a super car? Some may say that, “it should have two seats and a folding roof”. Then Mitsubishi Evo isn’t a super car? “Well it got to be a rear wheel drive” then isn’t Honda CRX a super car?

The definition of a sport car is ethereal, ever-changing thing. What’s easier to define is what makes a good super car. Things like weight balance, powerful engine, confidence inspiring brakes and even small details like the position of the steering wheel, the support of the seats, the sound it makes, etc. is what makes a good super car. The answer to the question is answered by the Porsche Cayman S, a car which is so overwhelmingly brilliant in all what I sets out to do that is could just  be the worlds' best in its category!

There's a lot you can say about the Cayman S. It's handsome. It's well-built. It's expensive. But if you were to ask us for one word to sum up the mid-engined, 2-seat coupe, it would be easy to choose: Outstanding!

The Cayman born out of the iconic Boxter isn’t just a car with a roof but a lot more than that, this one is beautifully crafted with a real sense of solidity and sculpture and have a 3.4L horizontally opposed, 6 cylinders engine. With a 5 Speed Tiptronic S Transmission and 340 Nm @ 4400-6000 rpm Peak Torque, this Cayman S can be termed is Perfection Personified. The Cayman especially shines when you drive it quickly around corners. Like most mid-engine cars, it's tremendously well-balanced, largely because the heavy engine sits near the center of the car and doesn't skew weight distribution to the front or rear.

A design is either fascinating or functional. The front and rear lights of the Cayman models can be both. The Cayman S is equipped as standard with Bi-Xenon (TM) headlights. The interiors of the car will make you feel right at home, everything is focused on advancing with a blend of sport and comfort. In the Cayman S, the door armrests and the storage compartment lid on the center console are also finished in leather as standard.

The optional leather package enhances the interior of your Cayman with additional items finished in leather. Another special feature of Cayman is its BOSE surround sound system which delivers a balanced acoustic pattern and a soothing sound. The top track speed recorded of Cayman S is 267Km/h.

It will be a terrific car to own and that is for sure. It rides well, is quiet and smooth and easy to live with, particularly with that practical hatchback rear and deep front boot. And if you are really interested in buying this supercar then you should contact Big Boy Toyz which deals in such Pre-Owned exotics. This customer centered organization offers commendable services and buying from them would seriously be a good experience.


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