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10th March 2016

Old is Gold. Fine like an old wine. Salt and Pepper. We humans are peculiar creatures. We have always had an age old fascination with vintage things, be it wine, jewellery or cars. Nowadays, we are all about Supercars with super look and super fast speed and then there are also Hypercars. But Vintage is like a fruit that remains sweet all season – rain or shine. Over the years with the advancement of technology we have seen a considerable growth in the creativity, luxury and the excitement quota but the charm of the vintage cars never ceases.

Ford Model T (1908)

Ford Model T (1908) Source:

The iconic beauty with even more iconic history. A revolution in the automobile history, the Ford Model T was the first car to be produced in, and not just any but a moving assembly line. The famous black Model T is still remembered in Henry Ford's quote saying that he will paint the customer's car in any color he wants till the time it's black! Although through a series of innovations the world has moved far ahead from cars like Model T but the enthusiasts still hold it very dear to their hearts.

Rolls Royce Phantom I (1925)

Rolls Royce Phantom I (1925) Source:

It was in 1925 that the long legacy of one of the top luxury car brands started with the launch of its first car, Phantom I. The class, the best craftsmanship and the exceptional drivers experience are the core elements of the Phantom legacy that has been maintained even till date. The current valuation of this beauty is approximately $1.2 million that makes us believe that even a vintage car is loved and adored by many.

Bugatti Type 41- Royale

Bugatti Type 41- Royale Source:

1931 was the year! Yes, you heard it right. Tracing back history of the brand which gave us the best Hypercar of the world; Veyron, it takes us to 1931 at the launch of the Royale or Bugatti type 41. Originally built with the intention to be the Royal's car, hence the name, the Royale was, back then, the most luxurious cars and infact can still be given the tag. Bugatti somehow has always maintained limited production agenda. So is with Veyron and so was with Type 41 as only 6 units in total were manufactured out of which none ended up in the royalty's backyard, but of course. Given its luxury, its rich history and the fact that there are only 6 in the entire world, no wonder the car costs somewhere around $20 million and many bid with their hopes and dreams to own the "Royalty" itself.

Jaguar E-Type (1961)

Jaguar E-Type (1961) Source:

If ever human race has witnessed the arrival of something so beautiful to take your breath away, it has been the launch of Jaguar E type in 1961. Keeping in mind the England countryside and the rough roads, it seems that this Jaguar was customized to suit the same avoiding any point of inconvenience and superior driving experience even in that era. Well speed no doubt has been the main agenda while building any supercar. The veterans had and still keep the 'racing' aspect in mind while developing any car but E-Type broke the barriers by keeping an all round driving experience in mind. FYI, Elon Musk other than all his Tesla's still drives his 61 Jaguar E Type.

Ferrari 250 TR (1958)

Ferrari 250 TR (1958) Source:

Just as the logo depicts a prancing Horse, Ferrari has always believed that every car should shout the same message and the one that holds the flag high up in the sky is 250 Testa Rossa. Testa Rossa is an institution in itself for not only other car makers but its own brand takes immense inspiration. Bagging the 24 hour Le Mans, Testa Rossa proved it was far more than just a sexy suave and classy car. And it wasn't the only badge on its coat, as the car also broke the world record by being sold at the highest auction price of $16.4 million.

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