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  1. Getting 'Up and About' with the Jaguar XE

Getting 'Up and About' with the Jaguar XE

13th December 2017
Getting 'Up and About' with the Jaguar XE

A rather unusual beginning to our fortifying stint with one of the leaping cat bearing insignia examples from the United Kingdom which was filled with drama and elation throughout!

It was 15 minutes past 6. Sipping a hot cup of black coffee at the Munich airport’s lounge gave us the guts to brave the cold wintery evening. Half an hour remaining for the flight back to India and talking about the grand city of museums and century old buildings made us a little emotional and sentimental (will we ever get this time back?). Flipping the pages of the car magazines in our carry bags was a sure shot diversion and it provided the impetus to look for something new.

the Jaguar XEsource - motorverso

Hey wait a minute?

“Give your sporty intentions a real world practicality”

(Something coming up in our minds)

Presenting the all New XE

(Written in bold letters set against a scenic highway background)

Is this the car for which we got a heartfelt invitation from Jaguar to test it thoroughly and have at our disposal?

And luckily we are able to find the mail directed to us a couple of days ago amidst a bunch of communication messages waiting our reply.

So here comes the get set go for an encounter with the Brit.

the Jaguar XEsource - automobilians

“It sparkles gleamingly forming a vivid image in your pupil thereby making a strong ground for a quick mental rapport”.

The XE’s futuristic design language is the brainwork of the renowned car designer Ian Callum and surely the looks are to die for and strike a perfect chord with brand’s ardent followers.

the Jaguar XEsource - automobilians

The clean and unblemished lines, well chiseled body proportions, thoughtful and unfaltering executions and a new -fangled design philosophy make the XE stand apart from its contemporaries.

the Jaguar XEsource - carblogindia

We were completely left spellbound by the XE’s majestic looks and moreover the pick of the lot blue exterior shade complements its appeal even further. It flawlessly surpasses all expectations for a fanciful landscape photoshoot.

he XE’s majestic looks and moreoversource - throttle-blips

The XE’s breathtaking and cutting edge interiors await you and this is indeed a prologue for the most wishful fantasy trips to be made into a reality. One of the most modernistic and neoteric cabins that entices a person with its meticulous and innovative setup!

the Jaguar XE’s ergonomic interior setupsource - carblogindia

XE’s ergonomic interior setup will never leave one wanting for more and transcends the excitement factor to a whole new dimension. The exquisite craftsmanship on the dashboard along with the class leading high quality Windsor perforated leather seats set new benchmarks in the entry level luxury segment and coupled with the exhaustive host of goodies on offer, Jaguar ensures that it is a world of unprecedented thrills and pleasure.

High Five from us, undoubtedly!

the Jaguar XE’s tech laden cabinsource - team-bhp

And the real deal breaker being, that the XE slingshots your emotions every time you enter its tech laden cabin that makes one feel savvy and on top of it all! The ingenious 8 inch touch screen with its canny and smart functioning gives you the privilege to have a bird’s eye view of a wealth of in- cabin information and that too you’ll enjoy toggling through again and again.

Choosing your favorite music track, setting the desired climate control and selecting the destination of your travel, the setup enthralls with its precise and explicit functioning!

the brilliant 380W Meridian Sound systemsource - grahamlandick

What truly raises energy levels aplomb is the brilliant 380W Meridian Sound system that courtesy its delightful sound quality, qualifies for a true Nirvana experience.

It has got every bit of Jaguar genetics ingrained to satiate your sporty desires. Driving this flashy leaping cat completely takes centre stage as it beholds you with its eagerness, uncompromised dynamics and effortless agility.

240bhp Enginesource - motortrend

And when given a full -fledged chance we would surely like to experience the brute like and beastly, range topping 2 litre turbocharged petrol motor of the XE that belts out a whopping 240bhp which conveys its intentions with sheer vigor and exuberance, the timeline ahead only being a conclusive proof of our loud exclaimed proclamation of a three cheers for the fascinating rendezvous with the English stalwart.

Moving ahead with a touch of subtleness, the classy Jaguar exudes a fashionable chic in concurrence with a well cultivated affair. And it is surely ready for every occasion!

Laurels galore for the XE for how it mutates its predator like characteristics to a full -fledged potent lynx waiting to unleash a climax of action packed drama and fireworks!
That propels you to put the new age Jaguar to its full paces!

the new age Jaguar source - carblogindia

A hysterical reaction manifold is sure to spring up when the fierce and stormy Dynamic mode (an outright indulgence) catapults an incredible soul within the XE to see it garner the crown for an astounding quest towards an unimaginable portrayal of swiftness and rapidity.

the new age Jaguar source - motortrend

Quick on its claws, the lively cat’s enthusiastic plunge is full of energy and vitality while outpacing the rest that come in its way. (A sensational happening co existing in one’s mind together with the full blown Jaguar extravagance adding more flavor!) Enthusiasm, intellect and meticulousness at its best, the folks at Jaguar have ensured that an encounter with the XE is nothing short of a miracle. The handling prowess and dexterity in body mannerisms deserve a heartfelt applause as they highlight the frisky and ready to go essence of the XE in all honesty.

Electric power steering source - motorcar

Steer it with determination and conviction into corners and it won’t complain as the neoteric Electric power steering acts like a magical wand to tame this machine enthusiastically given its responsive and agile feedback.

the new age Jaguarsource - motortrend

You can really feel how the prompt XE responds with alacrity to your commands! The meticulous incorporation of lightweight aluminum architecture gives the car a 50: 50 weight distribution that waivers off all sorts of a low slouchy and lazy reaction to a sudden thrust of a spirited go ahead wake up call.

the new age Jaguarsource - autoexpress

Torque Vectoring by Braking gives immense confidence on even the tightest corners by skillfully providing controlled independent braking on the inside front and rear wheels. Ah! It doesn’t make you apprehensive and nervous at all along with keeping the car on its intended path.

Something else too!

The double wishbone suspension setup on the front while an integral link structure at the rear together makes for a superior combination of unprecedented sportiness and gentility which further garners an unattainable streak in its arsenal of achievements.

the new age Jaguarsource - azureedge

And above all there is the All Surface Progress Control that helps the XE to cope up with low traction situations by acting fastidiously if the vehicle tends to skid in slippery condition.
In other words, a low speed cruise control!

The question finally arrives.

Why you should buy it?

the new age Jaguarsource - carwitter

If you are bored of the repetitive predictable styling cues and crave for something unique and exciting, then the XE perfectly fits the bill. The ever exclusive Jag’s badge value has it to outweigh the rest in the evoked set for consideration.

The XE very smartly gives you reminders of the fact that you were indeed born with a silver spoon in your mouth and that’s the typical feeling you want to savor in after spending a hefty sum on the grand possession.


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Exceptionally well written...the front runner leaping cat has truly been described in its best form...keep it up Big Boy Toyz



Absolutely incredible



Finally after reading this blog, I got to know that the Jag XE is such a stellar of a machine


Rohan Singh

Big Boy Toyz's bloggers truly know how to give a perfect narrative feel to the blogs and especially in this case the writer has flawlessly portrayed the Jaguar through some fanciful lines...which is indeed mindblowing...particularly this one" Moving ahead with a touch of subtleness, the classy Jaguar exudes a fashionable chic in concurrence with a well cultivated affair. And it is surely ready for every occasion!"



For someone like me, who doesn't understand much about cars, reading your blogs makes it so easy and interesting. Keep up your good work blogger. 👏


Amit Bhardwaz

The Most Advance, efficient and refined sports saloon that Jagaur has ever produced with its Assertive looks and agile Drive. Amit Kumar Head Sales - Shiva MotoCorp


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