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  1. The NEW Mercedes-Benz GLC300 – BESTSELLER in MAKING!

The NEW Mercedes-Benz GLC300 – BESTSELLER in MAKING!

26th February 2016
The NEW Mercedes-Benz GLC300 – BESTSELLER in MAKING!

The new year 2016 has brought fresh launches, changes and replacements for the Mercedes lovers. The first replacement is Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class that has taken place of the old GLK-Class.

This high-end, classier and roomier version could be a great choice for a compact luxury crossover SUV. So, if you are a Mercedes fanatic and desire to own a SUV with a sport feel then read on, because this article would definitely tempt you enough to book the new GLC today only.

What to Look for?

GLC300 has all the qualities to go drooling over for instance; more elegant and plush interior, macho exterior design, a 'never-seen' combination of performance and comfort, laced with hi-tech safety equipment, plenty of leg room and head space for your family and friends, more cargo space, advanced infotainment system and a powerful fuel-efficient turbocharged engine; all in a great price.

Changes that Made 2016 a Promising Year for GLC300

GLC300 Source:

A completely redesigned and revamped GLC-Class joins the Mercedes-Benz lineup. In this fast-paced and always-on-the-go lifestyle, where crossover SUVs are outselling classy sedans, the GLC-Class stores a great future in the market. Auto Gurus have predicted it becoming the 'BESTSELLER' in its segment really soon.

Keeping hopes and expectations soaring, the 2016 GLC-Class has completely changed with better suspension and drivetrain, wider wheelbase (4.7-inches longer and 2-inches wider than its predecessor), capacious rear seat to accommodate a good number of passengers, better cargo space and last but not the least less weight.

So, there is a lot to keep wishing for its customers.

Better Changes Mean Better PERFORMANCE

Competing with the brands like Kia, Ford and Chevy, GLC-Class has turbo 4 with 273lb-ft of torque along with 9-speed automatic transmission. According to the makers, GLC-Classis 'sports car' personified.

It offers different driving modes that manifold the muscular personality of the model. Its Sport or Sport+ mode gives the car wings and it starts behaving like a true sports car, rougher and more responsive and rule like 'the king of the twisted roads'.

Powered by a 2.0-liter bi-turbo 4-cylinder engine the car pumps out a maximum power of 241 horsepower via smooth nine-speed transmission. GLC300 is a feather-like light SUV promising fast and furious drive for you.

High-end Interior and Spaciousness makes a Great SUV

High-end Interior Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Source:

GLC300 promises a luxurious drive with a better looking dashboard; however the highlight is the Distronic Plus feature, which means your 'soon-to-be-favorite' GLC300 can practically drive itself without you manning it. Doesn't feel enough to get tempted? Read on!

With smooth like velvet interior, GLC300 offers a classy mix of different textures and materials. Black & White high-end leather, ash wood trim and magnificent looking neat accents like ambient lighting, topstitched door panel trim and so on make GLC300 a 'pure indulgence'. Its quiet cabin provides well-balanced steering, brakes and transmission controls offering a drive to remember.

Mercedes-Benz has very well collaborated advanced technology along with its fleshy looks. It is decked-up with a clickable touchpad and a rotary scroll wheel to control the infotainment system. Though the complete system is not very user-friendly, it, however, surely pays full attention in keeping your trip entertained and pleasurable.

The revamp of the old GLK has given a better output and that is making GLC roomier and commodious without making it heavy. This improvement has definitely given its customers a spacious SUV with more head, shoulder and legroom. You will also find more space in the backside of the car, i.e. CARGO.

Additionally, the foldable rear seats can be gathered up increasing more cargo space from 20.6 cubic feet to 56.5 cubic feet, which means it can swallow up more luggage for a long trip.

New Muscular Exterior – A Rowdy Look

Rowdy Look - Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Source:

The new GLC300 has shed away the old boxy look of the GLK. Its rounded exterior has an opulent and buoyant style, in tune with the present Mercedes lineup. Overall, we would say that this model is more handsome and well appointed in comparison to BMW X5 and Audi Q5. Its muscular design has leaner look and not a bulky one, which would make this model a definite hit amongst young blood.

The Verdict: It's a total 'YAY'

For quite some time, almost every new product of the Mercedes-Benz is a makeover of an old model. But how does this repetitive decision, affecting the company's business, is not our concern? Well, we are just happy that this time the German maker has decided to redesign its new model, which could be the biggest moneymaking SUV for the makers.

Yes, we would highly recommend this massive crossover SUV to the Mercedes lovers. Its lavish interior, rowdy look and sporty attitude, everything together makes it a winning choice. The extra horsepower and torque and spaciousness make a big difference in how the SUV feels, and if you are also on the same page then GLC300 is "THE SUV" for you.

We wish and hope that GLC, being a great crossover SUV, see higher sales and a great year just like its predecessor GLK and write its own dazzling history.


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