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  1. The Ones That Sunk

The Ones That Sunk

13th April 2016
The Ones That Sunk

According to every car enthusiast, every luxury car is a star in his eyes and an object of admiration for life. For a car enthusiast, if you ask which luxury car you love the most is as tough a question as which luxury car you hate the most. This is because on one hand the list of supercars they love the most is never ending, whereas, on the other hand, finding the disliked ones or for that matter the supercars you hate is next to impossible. Car enthusiasts we can say are peace loving people; “Love all. Hate None.” Nevertheless over the decades we have seen supercars failing to gain the kind of popularity that other cars of their league gained.

Just to clear the air, we must understand one fact that the particular word “flop” when it comes to the automobile industry cannot be treated as synonym with a low performance car. There are several and when we say several we mean truckloads of reasons that lead to the sinking of any car launch.

So here is the list of the most heartbreaking luxury cars that couldn’t fly high!

the most heartbreaking luxury cars Source:

They came with a bang and for sure with an aim. The aim was plain and simple; to produce cost effective American supercars. They wanted to be the philanthropists of the supercar industry. Why would there be line between who can and who cannot afford it. If it's a supercar, it’s for all is what they thought. Such a brilliant thought but then what went wrong? Why was it that Vector W8 couldn’t achieve what it set out for? Maybe it was the outlandish look or the fact that it was supposed to be affordable planted an altogether different perception in the people’s mind. No wonder the first customer appeared almost after nine year of booking the car. Yes, Bizarre and Sad!

the Chrysler’s TC by Maserati Source:

Yeah we know you are feeling completely baffled by reading the name itself. Wait till you get to know what happened. It was Lee Iacocca's brainchild and was supposed to shoot like a rocket. The alliance was perfect, the man behind the idea was… well let's not go there; the specifications of the car weren’t as bad as it seems. But then what really happened? Well as they say ignorance happened and also arrogance happened. People said it was over priced with obviously the appearance coming off as a bad gimmick of the age old design. It was over hyped and over discussed. Frankly the Chrysler’s TC by Maserati was like that same old pack of frozen food that tasted bad always but with a miserably fancy packaging.

an SUV out of a pick-up Source:

Like all the others which didn’t quite work out, the plan looked brilliant on the paper. With a movable roof this was supposed to be one-of-a-kind SUV. But when did someone say that things go as per the plan? And specially when you set out to make a pick-up out of an SUV or was it making an SUV out of a pick-up? See, this is exactly what went wrong. History has told and in detail proved again and again that whenever the brands have tried to attain a lot of things all at once they have backfired. Well people let’s just stick to good old Horsepower in bulk and style that drops jaw!



Heartbreaking Luxury Cars

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