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  1. Celebrities who Once had Pre-owned Cars

Celebrities who Once had Pre-owned Cars

07th September 2016
Celebrities who Once had Pre-owned Cars

Here’s is the entry from Akshay Puri who stood third in the BBT blog contest. Seems like he is more interested in Bollywood stars and their life history and that’s why he managed to dig out the information that is rarely known to many of us. Let’s check out what he has to say:

We all are mesmerized by the 4-wheeler beauties that run on the road and somewhere as a result of our hidden desire; we all have lived a dream of owning these supercars, irrespective of the amount involved in the purchase. And then, back in our mind, we start envying the luck these superstars are born with, as they hold the possession of not one but many such luxury vehicles.

Well, not all are aware of the fact that many of these bigwigs, whom we consider our idols, had once in their lifetime bought second-hand cars during the struggling phase of their career. Let’s check out few of the popular celebs who start the voyage of their success with pre-owned beauties:

Salman Khan

Salman Khan BMW-i8

Our very own Prem who is loved and adored by many had driven a second hand Herald – a gift by his father, Mr. Saleem Khan, during the early phase of his career. The car was first used in the movie ‘Zamana’ (1985) by veterinary actor, Rishi Kapoor, after which it was passed on to Salman Khan. According to Salman, the car was in a very bad shape but is still very close to his heart.

Amitabh Bachchan

Don’t widen your eyes as our beloved Big B, the owner of 11 luxurious cars, too falls in this list. Though the actor has very smartly carried the legacy of his poet father, Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Amitabh witnessed a lot of struggle not only in the initial phase of his career but later too during his second innings. He purchased his first car, a pre-owned Fiat, in Kolkata when he got his first break as an actor in the cinema.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar BMW-i8

The ‘God of Cricket’, who is always a delight to cricket lovers’ eyes, is also a hard core BMW fan and purchased his first love when he was only 20 – a pre-loved BMW car. The 43-turned cricketer has a garage full of spellbinding luxury vehicles, including the breathtakingly sexy – BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid sportscar.

Shakti Kapoor

Popular for his negative roles in Bollywood and proud father of the beautiful actress Shraddha Kapoor, got his first break in the movie Qurbani by an iconic actor/producer – Late Feroz Khan. It’s his lady luck (not his wife but his used Fiat car) that gave him the opportunity for first break in Bollywood. Don’t believe me? Well here is the full story – One fortunate day, Shakti Kapoor was behind the wheel of his second hand Fiat when suddenly he bumped into another car, a new Mercedes-Benz, on Linking Road. To his surprise, the person inside the Mercedes was no one else but Firoz Khan. Doesn’t it sound like a filmy story?

The actor has admitted about his love for sports cars but he preferred buying second-hand cars only to save money at the initial stage of his career.

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