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  1. The Batventador Series at Big Boy Toyz

The Batventador Series at Big Boy Toyz

16th May 2019
The Batventador Series at Big Boy Toyz

Conceiving the phenomenal & anomalous jottings was an in thing for our day to day ‘shoot the works’ so as to excel in giving a whirl to harmonize the tablets of memory with the exceptional automotive course of actions!!

Batventador Series

The renowned masterly acts of ‘once upon a time’, qualifying as an easy tempered footing in line to do sufficient honors for that ‘heavily into’ prepping. Oh! So which European names are we grooving on? Ah! One or two eventful ice breaking sessions are more than enough to catch on the epic attention drawer from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, known as Lamborghini. Nice! This one will be interesting.

And which raging bull will play the menacing sinister spitfire to have us in a heap of miracles……
Ok getting to it.
Publicizing its front page typo acclamations, the blue chip Aventador indeed is the expert object of focus for the intended head trips……no denying that.
It will even put one on an honest name reciting practice for the wishful castles in the air!

Longing to see it in person?
Ala! You have one. Don’t be on a hunting spree for long!
The milestone delineating demeanor of the Aventador gets a substantial hulking high spotting at……..Big Boy Toyz which is a lone singular exotic car heartthrob sobriquet enhancing the winsome prepossessing tag of the mighty machines.
Occupying the pivotal stop & go look at, the up for grabs Italian beast makes way for an unusual semblance which surely gets us to our daily grind of pointer coverages.
But this time ‘it being’ different!

1. Batventador in the House?

Batventador in the House

A big thumbs up to your name modifying skills! Wow.
The way you’ve arrived at a stage name sort of a title for the high-spirited Lamborghini which is sure to award you with umpteen goosebumps because of its magnetic wrapped up ‘black shade’ mousetrapping jillions of looking backs and peeping through.


The handsomely dressed and spruced up Batventador is a perfect contender for the sci-fi thrilling stuff to be aped like a proficient well versed night go-getter.
Be watchful of the pedestrians’ dazed facial appearances as they look upon the Lamborghini as a fictional alien machine wanting to leave a long lasting impression before returning to its native dwelling.
Hahaha! You would want that.

A pat on the back for BBT for propelling the cliquish Batman RNA within you for a rhapsodic outing with the nocturnal bull!


The biggest takeaway being when the proud saying “She was too loud last night” goes on an emphatic glorification ride!

2. Fighter pilot on a mission?


Taking cues from the teenage simulator and fighter plane video games, the charge to reinvent the similar feat gets elevated once you are surrounded by the impeccable and to the point functionalities of the Aventador’s interiors.
Term those typical hand and feet orientation as a steadfast building from the knowledge seeking days!


Not relegating the awe struck reactionary expressions to a corner which you’ll soon have to be accustomed to if the plan is to go wild on the tarmac with the Roman exemplary.
Actually to be very honest it qualifies as one of the top first crossroads to shower your perennial fondness for Lamborghini!!!

3. The Herculean Catapulting force?

6.5L V12 naturally aspirated petrol motor

Setting an unequivocal tear jerking extravaganza is the puissant & unyielding 6.5L V12 naturally aspirated petrol motor that emits a tenacious tune to hustle the Aventador forward with utmost urgency.
Don’t be in a jellyfish zone before taking off as the able caller ‘700PS of max power’ isn’t one to be tamed by the fainthearted.

The hotshot specimen by the brainy Romans is the 7 speed automated manual transmission with Independent shifting rods which has an uncanny knack to be as precise and explicit compared to the modern dual clutch boxes while registering a top name in the weight shedding category.
And certainly you’ll be up from that heartbreak kid scar in your mind when the Lamborghini presents its ready to be unleashed selfhood that awakens your daring instincts for a no stopping engagement this time around.
Best of luck!

4. Brownie points for standing out….visuals and something else too!


Something to boast about…..the towering influence of the Batventador!
Gets you straight in the talk of the town league as the latest in chic possession puts forth a heap reasons to pick one’s brain and expel the curious idiosyncrasies.
Being a Lambo, you can very well put covers on the poor prognosis ruminations of the Aventador securing a distinct statured meridian on your proclaimed list.
Because it’s deluge of eye opening broadcastings undoubtedly oust the rest and cut short the ‘pillar to post’ running trials.


Batventador Series

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