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  1. Bugatti Veyron Sports: Fast Even in Slow Motion

Bugatti Veyron Sports: Fast Even in Slow Motion

16th October 2015
Bugatti Veyron Sports: Fast Even in Slow Motion

Whenever we talk about speed, Bugatti Veyron is a name that always pops up in our minds. And why not! This mean machine has a tendency to reach 0-100 kmph in mere 2.5 seconds. The superb aerodynamics won't even let you feel the centrifugal force because of the super speed you would be travelling at!

Bugatti Veyron has always been an undisputed leader in the super sporty and powerful segment of luxurious vehicles. It promises excellence and speedy performance, and that matches the Formula 1 machines. Bugatti Veyron holds the title for being the fastest car for a while now. But the new Bugatti Veyron Sports has redefined the word 'fast'.

The extremely powerful 16-cylinder 8.0 litre petrol engine of Bugatti Veyron Sports often ends up burning a lot of rubber on road! The car generates a lot of power and torque which categorizes it as an unmatched model in its segment.

Some cool information about this one-of-a-kind machineㅡ Bugatti Veyron Sports.

The Superb Interiors

There is no match for the interiors of this machine for it's completely outstanding. There is a lot of high-quality leather adorned with glossy metallic accents. The cabin design is quite simple, but the use of best quality materials gives a mesmerizing look to the vehicle's interior. The steering wheel has a retro design that gets highlighted as one of the key features of this machine.

The Powerful Exteriors

The unique LED light pattern of this speedy car enhances the dynamicity factor .The cabin of Bugatti Veyron Sports has a "Salon-ish" feel. The aerodynamics of this ride possess the signature radiator grille that you can see in most of the Bugatti's.

This vehicle is available in India as a CBU unit powered by the 16-cylinder 8.0 litre engine.The transmissions are handled by the 7-speed super gearbox (DSG), which is capable of distributing power to all the four wheels.

As per the manufacturers, this car shows the potential to be electronically controlled even at the top speed. That's how tech-savvy Bugatti Veyron Sports can be as the company has already successfully tested the functionality of ESP beyond 300 kmph speed level.

There is no match to its acceleration. The car speeds up to 100 kmph in mere 2.5 seconds and reaches 200 kmph in 7.3 odd seconds. Likewise, the car can reach the 300 kmph milestone in less than 17 seconds reaching a top speed of 407 kmph.

The powerful Bugatti Veyron engine is capable of unleashing an enormous output of 1001 hp at the same time yielding an unfathomed hammering torque output of 1250 Nm, which is actually remarkable.

Further more, to add on to this exquisite speedy series, and also to bid the appropriate farewell to this prestigious nerve shackling vehicle, Bugatti Veyron 16.0 Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale will be the last vehicle to be launched under the hood.


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