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DC car Models

  • DC Avanti

If you are interested in buying apre-owned luxury car,we don’t think you can find a better than the Indian beauty DC cars. This Indian brand has created quite a ripple in the global automobile sports car market by offering a futuristic-looking sports car at a highly competitive price.

While compared to its rivals, DC does not have that kind of global exposure, but its productsare making waves among auto enthusiasts who are amazed by the unconventional design of its models, which gives the impression of some futuristic cars.

If you want to purchase a sports car that will give you the adrenaline rush without sitting heavy on your wallet, then we suggest that you should buy a second hand DC car.

Pre-owned DC Cars Can’t be More reliable with BBT

When you buy a second hand luxury car from us, then beside the car of your dream you also get complete peace of mind. Big Boys Toyz has a huge reputation in the market for selling well maintainedpre-owned luxury carsat highly affordable prices.

Apart from Delhi NCR and Mumbai, Big Boy Toyz has its showroom in Ahmedabad too.

Therefore, when you plan to buy a pre-owned DC car,BBT is the right place to come. Our main focus is to provide a smooth buying experience. We offer transparent upfront dealing with no hidden costs involved. Have a look at some of DC cars:

  • DC Avanti

    - The first sports car by an Indian brand, DC Avanti has the look to die for. It is named after a personal luxury coupe designed and manufactured by Studebaker Corporation.

    We offer full disclosure about the car you are buying and also provide you with a limited period warranty.

Second Hand DC Cars - Enjoy a Beautiful Experience

Big Boys Toyz is a dream come true for all those who are looking for a reputable dealer to buy a high-end second hand DC car at affordable price.

Come and have a look at the range of options we are offering you at huge discounted prices and take with you the car that you always dreamed of owning.