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DC car Models

  • DC Avanti

DC is a successful attempt by an Indian company to produce a luxury car that is completely designed and developed in India. The owner of the company, Dilip Chabaria has single-handedly created this company to produce a high-powered luxury car in the country.

DC Design, which was founded in the year 1993, has a meteoritic rise and in just 10 years, it became one of the largest car accessories manufacturers in India. Besides its expertise in designing and developing accessories for the cars, DC design is also credited with creating more than 600 customized car designs for car enthusiasts.

The DC Avanti, the premium sports car is the first attempt by this company to break into the league that is dominated by the likes of Maserati, Ferrari, and others. If you want a used luxury carthat has the DNA of a powerful sports car, then you should choose the DC Avanti.

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Let’s have a tour to the amazing collection of used DC cars we have:

  • DC Avanti

    - The first ever sports car designed by an Indian brand, DC Avanti has all that appeal that is required to be a top-notch sports car to compete with the other models in the same segment.

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