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There are cars and then there is a CAR called DC Avanti. First time in the history that an Indian manufactured sports car is making a buzz in the market. Keeping far behind the Italian and German beauties, DC Avanti is a sports car that falls within the budget of many of the Indians. The idea behind developing a sports car in India propped up when the DC 'S' received an overwhelming response at the 2012 Auto Expo held in Delhi. The carmaker did an extensive research before bringing the vehicle in the light of the day and when this model was showcased as a brand new avatar, it was acclaimed critically which finally made its way to the niche segment of the Indian automotive industry.

A Pride of Pre-owned DC Avanti

Locally engineered and produced by an Indian design firm, DC (Dilip Chhabria), Avanti is a sports car that comes with a muscular nose and a luxurious taste in its silhouette. Though DC Avanti price in India is not in crores, still due to its limited production, very few people get the chance to be behind the wheel of this power-packed sports car. So the easiest way to get the ownership of this ultimate beauty is through the second-hand channel.

The used car market in India is growing at a faster rate, especially the pre-owned luxury car market and many dealers are active to give you the best deal. But trusting every next person is not possible, especially when the fraud cases are so much in trend. So which dealer should you put your faith in? Well, the answer is the Delhi NCR based dealer - Big Boy Toyz - which is a leading player in the pre-owned luxury car market in India and is taking the competition to a completely new level. According to the current trend, the used luxury car market will become 1.3 times bigger than the new car one and for sure the Gurgaon based car dealer will contribute a good share in it. If you want to buy a used DC Avanti up for sale in the showroom but are running short on money, then the dealer provide financial solutions and help also at very easy rates.

Each car at Big Boy Toyz showroom, be it a pre-owned DC Avanti or a second hand Audi A6, goes through a stringent process of checking and only after it is verified and certified by the approved authorities, the car is put on sale at the best price, considering the model year and kilometers driven. So the team here makes sure that your purchasing process goes hassle-free and as easy as possible.

Are you in for Second Hand DC Avanti?

We know that this magnificent sports car would by now have won your heart and your soul but before you invest your money in the second hand DC Avanti, we would like you to know some more interesting features about the beast that make it all the more demanding.

Made in India – Yes, the first and the foremost thing about this sports car is that it is completely made in India where the powertrain under the hood is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol that delivers a power of 240hp. The chassis and the suspension arms are manufactured inhouse in Pune whereas the 20-inch wheels are designed by Wheels India. The Bosch and Foundation Brakes India is the supplier of DC Avanti hardware. The anti-lock system of the sports car is developed by the Continental, Germany.

Interior – The inside of the car is very spacious with a wide seat base but with a low roof and high floor, it becomes quite difficult for a tall person to fit in comfortably. However, with a high floor, the car becomes a customized one that is designed as per the uneven Indian roads.

Design – The low sung dimensions of DC Avanti make the vehicle look more appealing and sexy. The black line in the front center breaks the mass of the upper bonnet exactly at the right place. Long tail along with the drooping rear completely justifies the royal taste of the vehicle.

Infotainment system – The programmable TFT screen comes with navigation options and connectivity to Apple Car Play. In fact, the new model of DC Avanti will have a digital instrument panel carrying the resolution of an iPad.

With such interesting features and an acceleration of 0-100kmph in mere 7.75 seconds, DC Avanti has become the first true sports car in India in every sense.

So are you ready to make this 2-door coupe your own? If yes, then visit the Big Boy Toyz showroom at Delhi-Gurgaon highway today before someone else grabs the golden opportunity.

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