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Looking to buy a used Ghibli car ? Well, look no more…

A true Maserati by spirit, Ghibli is a monster with strong personality

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ghibli car

The sports car that redefined the history of Maserati, Ghibli is an amalgam of sense and purpose, a rare combination of beauty, brawn, and elegance. The signature radiator grill with the chrome trident, the striking triple air vents behind the front wheels and the muscular front and rear fenders – all these gives Ghibli an unmistakable character. The sporty glamor of the saloon is captivating enough to attract attention with that one manly look. Adding more to the charm of the Ghibli is the iconic Saetta logo placed in the triangular C pillar. In fact, the frameless door windows provide the car that sleek coupe look despite the saloon has a long wheelbase.

A Peep into the World of Pre-Owned Maserati Ghibli Car

The Italian manufacturer, Maserati, introduced 3 different cars under the same name, Ghibli – a V8 grand tourer (1966-1973), a twin-turbo coupe (1992-1997) and an executive saloon (2013-present). The company chose Ghibli after the name of the wind, which is a Libyan name for the hot and dry Desert Sirocco. The first Ghibli ever produced was ranked in the top 10 sports cars of the 1960s, so you can pretty well understand the importance of the name and the product for the company. Hence, Maserati Ghibli price is a luxury chariot for only those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and is beyond the reach of many.

Well, if considered smartly, then buying a second hand Maserati Ghibli is not a bad option, sans compromising at any front, be it performance, speed or looks. Though there are many dealers operating in the used car market, trusting everyone involves many risks. Delhi-NCR-based Big Boy Toyz, a key player in the pre-owned luxury cars in India, is a name that even celebrities trust. Be it a second hand Toyota Land Cruiser or a pre-owned Maserati Ghibli up for sale at our showroom, we make sure to certify and verify each and every car by the concerned authorities so as to ensure a proper fair dealing. Every car at our showroom has gone through a rigorous process of checking; hence quality is something we never negotiate at.

Second Hand Maserati Ghibli – The Story Behind…

The interior of Maserati Ghibli compliments the exterior, is clad in pure leather and can seat five in comfort. The seats are large and armchair like and feature contrast stitching. The interior is a functional mix of tradition and modernity. The center console is dominated by the 7-inch TFT screen, the steering wheel is multi-functional and is hydraulic to give that precise feel. The car offers a choice of a 3L V6 outputting 330bhp, a top spec V6 offering over 400bhp or an oil burner with an output of 275bhp. The powertrains are mated with an 8-speed ZF auto tranny, which adopts the gear change modes to suit the driving style and road conditions.

The words ‘second hand’ or ‘used’ are never considered with respect as we carry an assumption that all the second-hand things are bad in condition and can leave you alone anytime. But this is not the case anymore, especially in the case of exotic pre-owned cars because the real owners too care for these cars just like their babies. It is just that being rich they can bear to switch to the current model by selling off their older one. All-in-all, investing in a second hand Maserati Ghibli is a smart investment. But before you take on the decision, we would like you to know some unique characteristics of the saloon:

The Character - This is a car that does not try to blend in the sea of other cars around. The Ghibli stands proud of its Italian roots and reeks of perfect Italian craftsmanship, inside and outside. The clean lines, the sleek silhouette, the well-crafted seats and the luxurious interiors all give the car a charismatic aura that no Germans with clinical precision can offer.

The Transmission - The Ghibli comes with a state-of-the-art 8-speed ZF transmission, which has a unique trick under its sleeve. The transmission comes with software that constantly monitors your driving style and road conditions and adapts the gear change mode to suit your driving style, from an array of five preset modes.

The Handling - The aluminum double wishbones at the front and the multi-link suspension setup at the rear makes sure that the Ghibli handles all the power and the road surfaces without breaking a sweat. After all, the lineage of Ghibli is unmistakably sports car.

The Powertrains - The Ghibli comes with three powertrains – two gasoline and one diesel. The twin turbo V6 outputs 330bhp in standard form, and the power goes over 400bhp in the top-of-the-line model. The car also comes with a diesel power plant, turbocharged and rated at 275bhp. The soundtrack of the engines is unmistakably Maserati and is music to ears, especially in the sports mode.

So are you ready to get behind the wheels of your own Maserati Ghibli? Grab the offer now by visiting the BBT showroom located at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway before it’s too late!

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