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Looking to buy a used GranTurismo car ? Well, look no more…

Maserati is an all-rounder when it comes to car. It’s proven!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used GranTurismo car

This centennial brand was formed in December 1914 and since then, has made its mark in the history of the car, both on roads and on tracks. Primarily known as a brand that delivered the best racing cars like Tipo26B, Maserati brought out its first on-road car, A6, built in 1947. The trident-carrying vehicle, a Maserati on road is a beautiful spectacle to watch. It’s no surprise then that this car is popular in the market of cars in India and abroad.

Get your own Pre-Owned Maserati GranTurismo at Big Boy Toyz

The interior of the car is well appointed and can seat four adults in comfort. The seats look better when wrapped in the finest Poltrona Frau Leather. The interior is handcrafted and has dollops of the finest craftsmanship and the distinctive Italian character. Under the hood lies a V8 that sings exquisitely and outputs 405bhp, which is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The car is loaded with features such as computer controlled Skyhook suspension, adaptive Bi-Xenon headlights and a surround system developed by Bose.

Remember the epic cartoon “Dennis The Menace”? The character Dennis once said, “The best thing you can do is get good at being you” and Maserati follows this principle ardently. But improvements also come at a high price. While the car offers everything one can ask for, it can only be purchased by the few. A new Maserati car would mean losing a large amount of money. Don’t worry! If you can’t buy a new car, we’ve got a solution. Instead of shelling out your money on a new car, you can always buy a used Maserati GranTurismo and the best place to purchase one would be the Delhi NCR based Big Boy Toyz. But before you go on to buy a pre-owned Maserati GranTurismo, you need to be aware of the amazing features the car offer:

The Sound Track - There are not many V8’s out there which sings like the musical V8 of GranTurismo, something the Astons and the Jaguars can only dream of.

The Looks - Starting from the signature oval radiator grill decorated by the trident, the car oozes style in each and every line. The body work compliments the car like a tightly fitting tailor-made dress. The sensuous body lines give this car a personality unlike any other.

Space - Though built on a shortened Quattroporte chassis, the car offers ample room for four six-foot-plus adults, in complete luxury. The seats are wide and inviting and the ride is never too hard.

Handling - The handling is compliant without being too much on the edge, which is a boon considering the fact that this is not a track car, but a luxury liner designed to pamper your senses. There is the huge amount of grip available and the computer controlled skyhook suspension and the six-speed auto gearbox makes each drive an occasion.

Second hand Maserati GranTurismo car – An Unimaginable Delight

The Maserati GranTurismo is a heady amalgamation of poise, beauty, elegance and class, mixed with unmatched performance and handling to boot. A fine example of Italian flair, this car is built to transport four adults in complete luxury and style. To make each arrival an occasion, the GranTurismo is the de facto choice for those who values exclusivity and uniqueness, blended with graceful elegance. Even if you get stuck in the heavy traffic of Delhi, you won't mind sitting at the comfort of GranTurismo, such is the comfort of this beauty.

As we mentioned earlier, this exclusive beauty can’t be owned by many. The brand delivers some of the best cars in the world and one can’t expect meager rates on them. A new car might not be on your cards but you can always fulfill your wish of owning one by opting for a second hand Maserati GranTurismo. The car is up for sale at Big Boy Toyz. The showroom is one of the leading names in the market of pre-owned exotic cars in India. The showroom offers used Maserati GranTurismo car models from the year 2011 to 2012. So, your pre-owned Maserati GranTurismo will be made available at the best price. Uncompromising on quality, the car will undergo a strict process of checking and like all the other cars at the showroom, will be put on sale only after it is well verified and certified.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the showroom and live your dream!

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