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Looking to buy a used Jaguar F-Type car ? Well, look no more…

“The world belong to those who dares to dream” and Jaguar is a live example

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Jaguar F-Type car

Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter once said, “It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities”. Initially known as Swallow Sidecars, Lyons and Walmsley shifted on to make passenger cars and it was this choice that made them the owners of Jaguar – a brand that was destined to become one of the most popular and lover automotive company in the world. Jaguar cars are very famous in the world of automobiles, especially in the car market of India. From its iconic emblem “Leaper” to its unusual safety tests, everything about the brand is extraordinary. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s Jaguar after all!

Sport your Pre-Owned Jaguar F-Type

When people say that everything about Jaguar is unique, they aren’t joking. The brand is said to have best valets in the world who, when the cars are put on trains, makes sure that they aren’t wearing belts, haven’t any buckles, and they even do away with the metallic shoelace eyelets from their sneakers to prevent scratching or any other kind of damage. Not only the brand has an amazing behind-the-scenes story but every car from the brand itself embodies a tale. One example is Jaguar F-type. A 2-seat sports car, F-type is based on Jaguar XK platform. Available as 2-door roadster and 2-door coupe’, the car is a successor of Jaguar XK. The coupe’ version was unveiled at Los Angeles Show whereas the convertible version was unveiled at Sundance, London.

Well-known for its rough presence on road, the car is not only smooth on road but also around the corners, which makes it a perfect choice for Indian roads where we find more cars in narrow lanes than on roads. Unfortunately, this versatility comes at a hefty price. A car that draws envious eyes on the road can’t be purchased by many. F-Type in both coupe’ and convertible versions is really expensive. Don’t feel disheartened! We won’t let your dream remains unfulfilled. What if you can’t buy a new car, you can always go for a used Jaguar F-Type. All you need to do is visit the Delhi NCR based Big Boy Toyz. A leading name in the market of pre-owned cars, the showroom is in the good books of many car enthusiasts in the world. But before you decide to buy a pre-owned Jaguar F-Type, you need to be aware of its amazing features. Here’s the list:

Lightweight - Its aluminum body not only makes it lightweight and agile but also provides a stable platform for double wishbone suspension to work, which in turn, allows a precise control of the vehicle.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes - Though this feature is an optional one, it still makes the car one-of-its-own-kind. Ceramic brakes not only make the vehicle 21kgs lighter but also ensure great performance on road.

Easy Cornering - Independent braking inside the wheels due to Torque Vectoring technology allows sharper turning at corners along with consistent holding on road.

Interiors - The three-spoke design of the steering wheel makes it easier for the driver to control the functions. The car is spacious. In the coupe version, the brand boasts a storage capacity of accommodating 2 golf sets.

Second Hand Jaguar F-type for Sale – An Opportunity not to Miss!

The brand does not use any conventional designer to design its beauties. You will be amazed to know that Jaguar XF design was curated by none other than the rockstar Wayne J. Burgess. Though acquired by Ford at present, the brand has still not lost its core character. Aggressive and playful at the same time, it believes in challenging itself and its competitors. We’re referring to the ad fight between Mercedes and Jaguar. No one had the last laugh but Jaguar was successful in garnering mass attention from the world.

With such history, who won’t want to own a car by the brand? F-Type has established itself as one of the best sports car, better than 911 as a car critic said. But its price makes it difficult for people to purchase it. Keep calm because as mentioned earlier, you can still own this car. In a world where possession and quality matter the most, a second hand Jaguar F-Type that is up for sale and can be bought easily seems to be a brilliant choice. At Big Boy Toyz, you will not only get a used Jaguar F-type at best price but at the same time, we make sure that the car is well certified and verified by the authorized bodies.

So, visit our showroom located at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway today and live your dream!

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