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Looking to buy a used Volvo car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

Planning to buy a used Volvo in mumbai. Do consider this


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Volvo car

The magic of a Volvo encompasses comfort with luxury and purity. Swedish luxury vehicle’s manufacturing company is the perfect example of the top notch style. The craftsmanship is always evolving and more sophisticated as compared to its siblings, where the focus remains the same, that is, to make the driving as enjoyable and easy on every terrain. keeping in mind the luxury attributed with utmost care and precision  is created to make your journey memorable.

Committed completely towards its customers, Volvo is a company about people first. It is the first of its kind company that also provide driver’s training (in its native country) and has a clear vision for unique design, safety, Future Mobility and environment while designing each of its products. Very few people are aware that the three point safety belt was introduced by this Swedish luxury carmaker only.

There are many milestone discoveries when you look through the glorious history of Volvo cars, which have not only adored its name but have also brought a revolutionary change in the automobile history. Lambda Sond that helps in reducing at least 90 percent of the harmful emission by vehicles was introduced by Volvo only and now it is being used in almost all the cars manufactured in the world.

Pre-owned Volvo Cars – A Moment to Cherish

The world has changed and so has the perception towards second hand luxury cars. In fact, in other developed nations, the used luxury car market is on boom considering the fact that they are budget friendly but well maintained. In India too, the automobile sector is witnessing a change, thanks to Big Boy Toyz that has completely eliminated the fear involved in the buying and selling of a second hand luxury car.

Kingdom of second hand Volvo cars in Mumbai

BBT, after a successful start in the Delhi NCR, has now opened its 2nd showroom in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. This will bring the dealer much closer to the prospective customers. Apart from models from the other luxury brands, the showroom also displays a nice collection of pre-owned Volvo cars, which include:

  • Volvo XC90

    - If you want to experience an uncluttered luxury, state of the art safety features, and striking design then this SUV is for you. It can easily accommodate 7 passengers. Designed as a luxury car it is considered to be a 5 seater Sedan. Elegant, beautifully crafted and sophisticated .The Volvo S90 type is an executive sedan like no other . The comfortable interiors with the controls being at hands reach. The ambience is soothing and vivacious .Look out for a certified Volvo car dealer in Mumbai also check out the best price to bargain and configure the luxury car at your name by a single contact at the authorised dealer in mumbai. The Volvo S90 type has a price range from available in a price of ₹ 58.95 lakh from used authorised Volvo dealer , at nominal price.
  • Volvo S60

    - Volvo S60 configure a performance that amalgamates maximum driving exhilaration with efficiency. Technologically advanced to the core, S60 configure to keep you protected, connected and entertained. It has the capability and capacity for every road  .The Volvo S60 has recorded the price of Rs 30.88 Lakh - 56.02 Lakh in Mumbai. A used Volvo S60 can be bought for luxury in Mumbai from an authorised Volvo dealer. Contact for the best price and before configuring any used Volvo in Mumbai, ensure the seller details.
  • Volvo V40

    - The car is super luxury and super fast . Assertive and imposing style, spacious, agile and robust design. The car has almost all artificial intelligence techniques and advancements .It's  Very comfortable and easy to drive . Looks good and very good performance. The Volvo V40 price starts at ₹ 27.70 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 31.92 Lakh.  for used Volvo V40  type check out a certified Volvo car dealer in Mumbai also look for the substance contact configured car with class at authorised Volvo dealer.
  • Volvo V90

    - The vehicle is indeed an estate version of style and presence which make it distinct from any other car in its class. This luxury configure is one of an alluring comfort saloon known  for its dynamic handling. authorised Volvo V90’s performance has been par excellence. It configure beefier body cladding with bigger wheels. The interior of the V90 Cross Country is available in either amber, maroon brown or charcoal-coloured leather with mesh aluminium trim. The dashboard gets unique vertical air-con slats with adjustments and a large tablet-like infotainment system.  mesmerising, dynamic and amazing presence.The Volvo V90 type configure has a price range from Rs 65.36 Lakh. Authorised Volvo dealer is here at BBT mumbai.
  • Volvo XC60

    - A grand Volvo’s middle-weight luxury SUV is a blend of comfort and soul. The butch-looking SUV gets the signature Thor headlamps and the high-mounted vertically slatted grille. In spite of it being a five seater, the profile reveals an almost three-cab design which is spacious.  The luxurious refined performance of a Grand Tourer is important. The Volvo XK type has a price range from Rs.59.90 Lakh and its available at certified volvo car dealer in mumbai at authorised Volvo XK type dealer.
  • Volvo XC90

    - The most exhilarating and luxury car ever. the first vehicle to follow their new design language and is a preview of what future Volvos will look like.  Responsive, intuitive and seamlessly integrated. The power and agility configure a true thoroughbred. With state-of-the art driving systems making an unforgettable experience  is Technically seamless. It configure dynamics with design. The Volvo XC90 type has a price range from Rs.80.95 Lakh and it can be taken away from certified used Volvo dealer in Mumbai at authorised Volvo XK type dealer.

Pre Owned Volvo Car in Mumbai

Pre Owned volvo cars at authorised volvo dealer in mumbai is a feast. It can be purchased from the certified owner's big boy toyz showroom. Before that the evaluation is done, it is a proper wholesome process involving a scrutinized working of the 151 check points so that a car can be certified aptly.

How We Evaluate Each Car

The holistic 151 checkpoint assurance list is there which is a comprehensive checklist that has been made to give  "BBT certified Pre-Owned Cars" certification. BBT is an authorized Volvo Dealer. We believe in transparency and fair dealing; we have a zero-tolerance policy for catering this.  We save your time as well as ours too by not putting excessive amounts and then bargain stuff. We have fixed prices. No car is entertained here with an accident or any mishap.  Here we also do a complete check of vehicle history with no litigation case on it. A check for National crime record is also performed for authorised Volvo in order to remove all the possibilities of purchasing a car with a case.

Second hand Volvo Cars – What’s Your Take?

Because of the high quality of features and technology, Volvo cars have always been in demand. At Big Boy Toyz all the second hand Volvo cars are aptly verified and certified by concerned authorities to eliminate any chance of fraudulent activities.

So what are you thinking? Hurry up and book your favourite Volvo car today!


When being Luxury is your strength you choose authorised Volvo. Performance enveloped in speed is namesaked by Volvo. It not only stands for it's opulence or grandeur but for it's belongingness too. The passion indulge in the making of these vehicles by British automakers can't be measured materialistically it can only be felt. Blend of exquisite design and top-notch performance to keep alive the culture of excellence full of pride. One glare can make you fall in love with the charm and you'll be spellbind. This can be done at big boy toyz which is authorised Volvo dealer in  mumbai Its zero tolerance policy and configure checkpoint theory makes it more reliable.


151 check points are an important aspect to us for. Holistic inspection. We also entertain buy back policy. With 25% depreciation with kms limitation.  Client's confidentiality is prior and we also make it our priority. Hassle free buying is our motto and we try our best to make it to another level. Limited period i.e. six month warranty we serve.  Service and insurance history check is important and cars come with a complete check.  Checkpoints cover the vehicle history, road test, under hood maintenance, interior and exterior also underbody.

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