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Looking to buy a used Volvo XC90 car ? Well, look no more…

A luxury that personifies elegance and heritage

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Volvo XC90 car

The Swedish automaker, Volvo, is on the verge of creating a new history with its 90 series of luxury cars that have stolen the hearts of many and are still on the hunt to find more appreciators. The premium SUV is tamed to break the general belief that a high-performance car is a synonym with the exhilarating music of the engine because sometimes silence is more powerful than the sound. Being the most awarded SUV of the century Volvo XC90 has changed the definition of what a luxury SUV stands for. Uncluttered design, handcrafted materials and cutting-edge innovations of the clam Scandinavian beast will surely make you swoon over it.

Latest Collection of Pre-owned Volvo XC90 in Town

Volvo XC90 is the latest edition of the popular 90 series of the Swedish carmaker, Volvo, and is doing a good business in the market. The XC90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid is the more intelligent member of the family that comes with 3 modes – Pure, Hybrid and Power – and twin-engine for a fourfold performance. In fact, the charm of the SUV is so high that even the second-hand market is flourished with the 2016 models of XC90 and its variants.

But the major task of finding the right and authorized second-hand car dealer is very difficult and this is the main reason why people are afraid of buying used cars from the second-hand car market, especially when the cars in the talk are the luxury cars. The Delhi NCR based Big Boy Toyz, a renowned name in the automobile industry in India, is a leading player in the pre-owned luxury cars, which provides a single platform to buy and sell a used luxury car.

At Big Boy Toyz showroom, you can find a nice collection of pre-owned Volvo XC90 at the best price. The price of the cars put on sale at the BBT showroom depends on the kilometers driven, model year and the condition of the car. In fact, each car at BBT showroom is certified and verified by the concerned authorities before being put on sale. All this ensures a fair dealing and maintains the level of trust among the buyer and the dealer.

Second Hand Volvo XC90 on Sale – Believe it or Not

The design, the performance graph, the luxurious interior and the toned silhouette of the Volvo XC90 are something that a car lover can’t ignore and will immediately fall in love with the beauty, but there is more on cards. So before you carry on with your decision of buying a second hand Volvo XC90 up for sale the Big Boy Toyz showroom, we would like to open up some of the cards to make the deal all the more attractive and worth purchase.

Design to Drool: The uncluttered and sophisticated XC90’s design is something that you can’t get over – simple yet captivating. From inside, you will find a subtle harmony between the elements where each one is made from the finest material to give the passengers the majestic feeling.

Efficient Powertrain at Work: The Drive-E powertrains are designed in a manner so as to deliver the efficient fuel consumption coupled with fuel-efficient gear ratios and optimized dynamics.

The Scope of Space Expansion: A huge cargo space can be created in the Volvo XC90 by folding down the interior seating. This will help in creating enough room for the kids and for a luggage worth a week.

Infotainment system – The programmable TFT screen comes with navigation options and connectivity to Apple Car Play. In fact, the new model of DC Avanti will have a digital instrument panel carrying the resolution of an iPad.

Best Seats in Service: The luxury SUV comes with 7 full-fledged seats made of Nappa leather and flame birchwood and beatified with handcrafted details and diamond-cut buttons. And the much needed extra space for legroom is there to make your journey comfortable.

And if you are interested in owning a zero kilometer driven luxury car but at the reasonable cost, then you must pay a visit to our boutique in Sultanpur, Delhi.

So what are thinking? Get ready to bring home your dream – the glamorous and luxurious Volvo XC90.

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