Looking to buy a used Porsche Panamera car in mumbai? Take a look...

Porsche Panamera is built with dedication and also you can observe the artistic work by the team. Now, the used Porsche Panamera arrives at Big Boy Toyz in Mumbai.

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  • Porsche Panamera Turbo
    Porsche Panamera Turbo
    • Model 2016
    • KMS 9500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive
    Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive
    • Model 2017
    • KMS 21900
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2017 Used Porsche Panamera Turbo
    Porsche Panamera Turbo
    • Model 2017
    • KMS 10500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2009 Used Porsche Panamera S
    Porsche Panamera S
    • Model 2009
    • KMS 38500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2009 Used Porsche Panamera 4S
    Porsche Panamera 4S
    • Model 2009
    • KMS 36000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2012 Used Porsche Panamera
    Porsche Panamera
    • Model 2012
    • KMS 33000
    • Fuel Type Diesel

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Used Porsche Panamera in Mumbai

As the Mumbai lifestyle is posh and fast, the used Porsche Panamera resembles the same. It is best suitable for the Mumbaikars, where you can experience the used Porsche Panamera at a reasonable price range from Big Boy Toyz. This used Porsche Panamera can uplift the lifestyle of Mumbaikars, also it is a family-centric sedan that gives you long tours, as it is known as a grand tourer. We know! what you are thinking of? The risk factor of buying used Porsche Panamera. But, we happily express that there is no chance of risk when you buy the used Porsche Panamera from Big Boy Toyz in Mumbai. Thousands of customers have trusted our quality deliverability and efforts to give you the best.

Stylish Pre-owned Porsche Panamera In Mumbai

The exterior of the pre-owned Porsche Panamera is unlike other sedans. You get brilliant work on the exterior of the Porsche Panamera. Whereat the front, you get LED headlamps and parking sensors, along with that, the branding of Porsche on the bonnet adds the flavor of luxury. The side view gives you the estimation of dimensions, which looks long and the sloppy line of the rear is complimenting. At the rear, you get a spoiler, that can be deployed. Along with that, the tail lamps and rear camera with exhaust complete the outlook. Pre-owned Porsche Panamera outlook is not complimenting but attractive elements, Porsche Panamera seduce you drive it!

Second-hand Porsche Panamera In Mumbai

You should not buy with the doubt of performance, the second-hand Porsche Panamera has driving dynamics and safety measures that give you a sporty and comfortable drive. The most recent second-hand Porsche Panamera at Big Boy Toyz is equipped with a 3996cc, Turbocharged, V8, DOHC engine, and 8-Speed PDK Automatic Transmission. It has a peak power of 550PS / 542BHP at 5750 RPM and peak torque of 770Nm at 2000 - 4500 RPM. It may vary depending on the model you select. On the other hand, you get front and rear suspension for the smooth drive on pits. The second-hand Porsche Panamera is more smooth and fast compared to new ones. Jumping to the interior of second-hand Porsche Panamera, it has soft touch all around. The dashboard is simplistic with the infotainment system, powered steering with multiple usages, the armrest, and lighter with cup holder and charging socket completes the front luxury portion. It has leather seats with power buttons for windows on the door. The rear has similar functions as the front, you get an ashtray to the dual automatic climate air conditioner. The boot space is small with a tool kit. The panoramic sunroof is small but enjoyable! Also, the sunshade at the rear is perfect for a luxury drive. It can melt you with the performance and cheer you up for a long drive with its luxury features and comfort, it delivers!

To Buy Pre-owned Porsche Panamera, Contact Big Boy Toyz

We are the finest portal, that delivers the best pre-owned luxury cars across India, cities include, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and many more. Big Boy Toyz is the biggest and trusted platform across India, which is known for its plethora of product lines by top-class luxury car brands. Also, for the efforts, we put in to deliver the best. The used luxury cars like the pre-owned Porsche Panamera go through 151 quality checkpoints and get approved and certified by the experts of Big Boy Toyz. Overall, you get expert-verified, certified, pre-owned Porsche Panamera in Mumbai. You can buy the used Porsche cars by visiting our showroom in Mumbai or you can book through the Big Boy Toyz website or application.